Beautiful Creatures

Beautiful CreaturesThis story is mainly about Lena who just moved to Gaitlin. She is a caster (like a witch, but she thinks it’s a stereotype). She and Ethan are trying to figure out why they have a “special” bond. I LOVED THIS BOOK!  The story is addicting and will keep you glued to each page. I loved how the author made Lena so different, like an individual. The book mostly applies to girls who aren’t afraid to be themselves. It’s a perfect mix of mystery and suspense and drama. [Mo_143]

2 thoughts on “Beautiful Creatures

  1. Ethan has had the same dream for more than five months. A girl is falling down a cliff and he has to catch her or something bad will happen to her. When Lena comes to his school, he feels different. Everyone but Ethan treats her badly because she is Macon’s niece. Macon is a weird man. Strange things start to happen. When girls make fun of her, the window breaks and glass flies everywhere. A huge storm comes along with Lena’s arrival, one that the town of Gatlin has never seen. When Ethan looks into Lena’s eyes, they are so green. For some reason, Ethan thinks that Lena is the “hurricane.” What is her dark secret? That is just the beginning! Strange flashes lead Ethan into thinking he has a connection to Lena and a mission to accomplish.

    The book is great! There are so many mysteries and so much suspense. A surprise at the end of each chapter will make you read on.

  2. Ethan lives in a small town and all he wants to do is get out. He keeps having these dreams about a strange girl whom he believes doesn’t exist, and he is falling in love with her. Then this girl named Lena shows up at his school. Immediately Ethan feels a connection to her. The day that Lena comes, everything goes wrong. She gets teased and is dissed because of how she looks. Then in English class, a storm comes and a window breaks. Everything is just weird. Ethan ends up driving Lena home and they start to hang out. Things just get stranger.

    I loved this book! It’s so exciting and suspenseful that you’ll never put it down. It was just exhilarating! My favorite part was when Lena and Ethan first meet. Anyone who loves fantasy should check out this book.

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