High School Debut 1

This story is about a girl trying to find love. She comes to school one day and notices that not a single boy notices her. So she starts to think about what’s wrong and what she could do to change. She notices this boy that looks like a popular guy who knows a lot of other boys. So she goes up to him to ask him if he could be her coach. He looks at her and says no way, he can’t stand girls. Plus lots of people would come to her and say he makes girls cry.

My favorite character is Haruna. She’s sporty and girly at the same time. She dresses pretty and wears pretty shoes to match. At the same time she plays sports. She plays baseball and enjoys it a lot. She also sets out her free time to look at magazines so she can know more about boys and what she needs to do to improve.  [Unicorn123]

4 thoughts on “High School Debut 1

  1. So there’s this girl, Haruna, and she knows nothing about boys, fashion and basically all girly stuff because all through middle school she only read manga and played softball – that’s all. She’s never had a crush or a boyfriend. Now that she’s in high school she wants a first love and awesome BF, and she tries soo hard, but since she doesn’t know anything, she does it all wrong. So she recruits the coaching of a cute upperclassman, but the catch: she cannot fall for him! Read this and see how this crazy pair overcomes Haruna’s girly defect.

  2. Now that a girl named Haruna is in high school, she really wants a boyfriend. A guy she met at the mall is now her love coach! What will happen next? I LOVED it! This book was funny, dramatic, and all of the above. I like how brave Haruna is!

  3. A girl named Haruna has just graduated from junior high school and wants to find a boyfriend. She can’t seem to get one, so she asks Yo to help her. Yo is a sophomore, and he becomes her love coach. Yo gives Haruna tips. He has one rule: Haruna is not to fall in love with him, but she does.

    This book was hilarious! When it came to the lovey-dovey part, it felt like I was in the book. When Haruna was acting stupid it was even funnier. This book was so awesome that I couldn’t put it down.

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