Fruits Basket

Fruits BasketA girl named Tohru Honda is living in the woods in a tent since her mother died. She encounters her classmate Yuki Sohma and his cousin Shigure Sohma. Tohru realizes that she was on Sohma property and is allowed to stay at the Sohma house. She then encounters their cousin Kyo Sohma as he challenges Yuki to a fight. Touru tries to stop the fight but trips and falls on Kyo. She gets up and sees that Kyo is a cat. She then falls on Yuki and Shigure, and Yuki turns into a rat and Shigure into a dog. They are possessed by the spirits of the animals of the Chinese zodiac. Whenever they are hugged by the opposite gender or become weak, they turn into the animal they are possessed with (they change back after some time). Tohru must keep the Sohma family secret or her memory may be erased.

I thought that it was funny when Tohru accidentally hugged Kyo. She was so worried when she saw Kyo as a cat. At school someone bumped Tohru and fell into Yuki’s arms, and he turned into a rat. This is a very humorous book!  [SUPER-NUGET-PIE:-)]

3 thoughts on “Fruits Basket

  1. This manga is about a girl who learns about the Curse of the Sohomas, which will transform someone into a vengeful spirit of the Zodiac when hugged by the opposite sex.

    I like everything about Fruits Basket. It’s a graphic novel with a lot of words. Most people, from reading the summary, would find Fruits Basket weird but a lot of people really do like it. I think everyone will like it (even guys).

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