FlawlessThis book may seem a little boring in the beginning, but when you get past the first three chapters it will be all you can think about. Spencer is in trouble!! She has something about her that just can’t seem to get Melissa a relationship that can last until her wedding day. Aria has an interesting taste in boyfriends, this will be worse than an F in science. Emily has a REALLY good rock to lean on because the everlasting love between her and Ben isn’t so everlasting. After years of being “Hefty Hanna,” is her addiction to looking flawless making her sick? You can find out more details about these girls and their seriously twisted lives in the Pretty Little Liars series. Also watch them every Tuesday in October at 8pm on ABC Family.

This book is awesome and suspenseful and exciting all at the same time. My favorite character is Spencer because if you take an average annoying little sister and multiply by ten, that is how Melissa feels, and Spencer does that without even trying.  Book 2 of the Pretty Little Liars series.  [little diva 1223]

2 thoughts on “Flawless

  1. This is a sequel to Pretty Little Liars. Who is is A? Is A gone – or is he back? The four girls have their suspicions, but A is too clever for even them. A has some big surprises for his girls in this book. I absolutely loved it! It was so good and even more interesting then the first, which is hard to believe since the first book was so great! See, I’m so excited about how good this book is that I’m using exclamation marks for every sentence! I would definitely recommend this book to all. I was never bored, and I just couldn’t stop reading! I will definitely continue to read the rest of the series.

  2. moomoomoo 222 is right, this book is amazing. I got so hooked that when my mom asked me if I did my homework I said no, and she asked what were you doing the whole time, and I held the book up to her face and I got … grounded for the week. But it was worth it because A had a few tricks up her sleeve that no magician can pull off. Definitely read!

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