The Lost Hero

The Lost HeroJason Grace is confused, he woke up on a bus holding holding a girl’s hand he apparently doesn’t know, and he has no memory of how he got in the situation he’s in. He ends up going to a special camp called Camp-Half Blood. While he’s there he goes on a quest, battles a giant, and regains some of his memory.

This book is related to Greek and Roman mythology, so I recommend it to anyone interested in mythology.  Book 1 of The Heroes of Olympus series.  [#1 Percy Jackson fan]

13 thoughts on “The Lost Hero

  1. In this sequel series of Percy Jackson and the Olympians, the 3 new characters, Jason, Piper, and Leo, go on a dangerous quest to save Hera or Juno. Jason has lost his memory and doesn’t know who he is. I liked Jason, and also Leo because he can shoot fire. I really liked this book because it has all new characters. Also it combines Rome and Greece.

  2. That is the most amazing book I have ever read in my whole myth-reading life, especially because it’s awesome learning about that stuff. Keep reading, it’s good for you (I guess?).

  3. In this book, there is this guy named Jason and he’s on a field trip to the Grand Canyon. All of a sudden, he doesn’t know who he is, but he has a girlfriend named Piper and a best friend named Leo. A storm is hovering over the canyon and strikes the rail, and before that the teacher is talking about demigods and gods and monsters and stuff and he knows nothing about it. Strange things begin to happen …

    I love this book so far. I recommend reading the first series of Percy Jackson so you can understand this book better.

  4. He is not on the field trip, he appears in the middle of it. But otherwise, this should convince people to read 6 books. Also they should read the Kane Chronicles, The Red Pyramid, another book written by Rick Riordan, which I find very interesting. It’s all about Egyptian magic and stuff.

  5. A kid named Jason wakes up, not remembering who he is. He meets friends on the bus named Piper and Jason. This gang gets into a freak storm at the Grand Canyon. It turns out that they must fight Greek monsters! They even find out they’re half god. Annabeth, a girl from a Greek camp, takes them there. Now, they find out they must save her and themselves by rescuing legendary hero Percy, and a god, Hera. How will they do it?

    This book was by my favorite author, Rick Riordan. He can fit so much action, mystery, fantasy, and drama into one book! I love how he put different perspectives from Jason to Piper to Leo in each chapter. [Sonny369]

  6. Jason wakes up on the bus having lost his memory. He doesn’t know where he is until his two best friends, Leo and Piper, explain it. As usual, Rick Riordan leaves you off at a cliffhanger.

    It’s a good book if you like adventure. This book kept me hooked to the very end. It also mixes in suspense and romance. I enjoyed this book and I think YOU will too!

  7. In this book, a boy named Jason wakes up and doesn’t know who he is. After a short experience with some evil spirits, he learns that he is a demigod. Jason is taken to Camp Half-Blood. He feels like he doesn’t belong there. Will he survive the night? I really liked this book, but that’s just me! I can adapt to any book. A fan of action-adventure would really like this book.

  8. There are three characters named Jason, Leo, and Piper. The story starts out with Jason not remembering a thing. All he knows is that he is in a school for bad children, and he is in a bus traveling to the Grand Canyon. Monsters come and attack them. Their teacher, Coach Hedge, is their protector. He gets taken away and Annabeth comes to save them while looking for Percy Jackson.

    I didn’t like this book at the beginning because there wasn’t a lot of action. After that, the action picked up.

  9. When Jason wakes up on a bus with his “girlfriend” Piper and his “best friend” Leo and can’t remember anything, he is sort of freaked out. He tells Leo and Piper that he doesn’t know who they are, and when they say they don’t believe him, he talks to Coach Hedge who calls him a cupcake and gives him a cryptic clue. Then they battle Venti, lose Coach Hedge, and finally make it to Camp Half Blood. Leo and Piper get claimed by their godly parents, but Jason doesn’t, and is faced with many questions. Is he a son of Zeus like people suspect? Why can he speak Latin? Why does he have a tattoo? But most importantly, what is he and why do Piper and Leo have memories of him since a few months ago when Percy Jackson went missing? They are faced with a quest, King Midas, Medea, crazy dreams, gods, secrets and Tristan McLean, Piper’s movie star dad. Will they free Hera and Tristan on their quest?

    I thought this book was really great! After reading Percy Jackson, I thought it was sort of weird at first, but I got used to it. Piper was my favorite character because she is very stubborn and she cares for others more than herself. My favorite part was the end after Jason comes back and everyone is happy and Piper tells off Drew. The Lost Hero is definitely worth reading!

  10. A guy named Jason wakes up on a bus and doesn’t know who he is. He has a girlfriend named Piper and his best friend is Leo. They find out that he is a demigod. They travel to Camp Half-blood. Jason turns out to be the son of Zeus. They go on a quest to save a god named Hera. Annabeth finds out that Percy Jackson lost his memory and he is at a Roman camp.

    I thought this book was packed with action. This is the next series of the Percy Jackson books. This book was good because I like learning about Greek gods.

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