Daniel X, Alien Hunter

Daniel X, Alien HunterA teenager has the power to create whatever he wants. And in this book he faces #7, an alien that is made out of ants. He also meets really cool friends during his journey.  My favorite scene is when Daniel X defeats #7 alien. My favorite character is, of course, Daniel X, and that is because of the way Daniel X cared about people and was so determined to defeat #7.  [mysteryman221]

Also check out Daniel X manga!

4 thoughts on “Daniel X, Alien Hunter

  1. A boy with blond hair who can do anything he wants with his imagination creates family and friends using his head. He is hunting alien criminals like a bounty hunter. He lives in Tokyo.

  2. Great book! The story starts out with a BANG! … Death, Destruction & Bugs … then some cool bounty hunting gigs, mixed with a cute girl & high school woes … and then the story takes a BIZARRE turn like Whoa! At one point I was thinking … “I have NO IDEA how this can turn out!” and then WOW…!! … what an ending! Whew!

    ~ Ms. Jones
    Media Specialist, Murray Hill Middle School

  3. No last name. Just Daniel X. A three-year-old boy named Daniel has his parents murdered by an alien called the Prayer. Daniel’s job is to guard the list. The list contains information about alien outlaws roaming the earth. Daniel has amazing powers. He is able to create a molecular substances. What alien will Daniel X fight next?

    My favorite character is Daniel X because of his amazing powers, his kind heart, and his funny personality. He really is amazing!

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