The Last Olympian

Percy Jackson and his friend Bekendorf, who are demigods, have a plan to bomb the titan lord Kronos’ ship so he can’t capture Olympus, but the plan fails and Bekendorf dies. He returns home with sad news (everyone expected great news from him). The Titan War starts, and Nico traps Percy for his father Hades because he wants to know about his past (Nico can’t remember anything before he was 8). Percy, son of Poseidon, gets help from Nick, and he bathes in the River Styx for invulnerability.

My favorite character is Percy Jackson because he shows tons of talents, like bathing in the River Styx, though he knew nobody had ever done it other than his friend Luke, son of Hermes, who came in Kronos’ team and became Kronos’ body. Percy also defeated the titans, who no hero demigod, not even Hercules, was able to deafeat.  Book 5 of the Percy Jackson & the Olympians series.  [Pj#1fan]

16 thoughts on “The Last Olympian

  1. So Percy and Beckendorf go on a secret mission. Awesome, right? Not when the ship blows up and your friend is still on it. It’s all-out war between the Olympians and the Titans, and Percy is right smack in the middle of it! When Kronos’s army is about to attack Manhattan and you’re the only one who can stop it, what do you do? Take the ultimate risk for the ultimate power!

  2. Well, for anybody who has read the Lightning Thief series, this is the final book. Percy and his friends have been getting ready for the war between Kronos, the evil Greek titan. This book is amazing, and is full of many surprises, twists. So who do you think will win, Percy and his friends, or The Titans?

  3. It’s time. Percy Jackson is about to turn 16. Will he save or destroy Olympus? Percy has awaited his 16th birthday since he first found out he was a demigod. Now it has come and Olympus is soon to be under attack by Kronos. Most of the gods are busy fighting a monster too strong to be left alone, and Poseidon is busy keeping the sea titans from invading his underwater palace. Percy and Camp Half-Blood are all alone. For some this will be their last stand. Percy Jackson will have to make some decisions. How will this end? This is my favorite book of all time, you must read it!

  4. I love this series but this one’s my favorite. I encourage EVERYONE to read this series. There are rumors floating around that Rick Riordan (the author) is creating another book in the series!

  5. *Spoiler (sorta)*
    So, everyone knew that the battle against Kronos was coming up, and the chances of winning against him are very low. Percy gets the surprise of his life when suddenly Beckendorf dies, he gets revealed from the oracle that “The hero’s soul, cursed blade shall reap” and has been having strange dreams about Rachel. He gets betrayed by Nico de Angelo, son of Hades, and almost loses Annabeth. Once Percy, Annabeth, Thalia, and Grover go up to Olympus for a final stand, will they be able to stop Kronos?

  6. The series is so good! Everyone agrees it is so good and has THE BEST beginning! OmCc (Oh my Crab cakes).
    – Mrs. Percy Jackson

  7. This is my all time fav PJackson book. I think it has had one of the best book wars ever. Usually, wars in other books are unrealistic and stupid, but this is better. Anyway, this is about Percy and his friends teaming up with the rest of camp to fight the evil Titan Kronos. Can they do it?

    Other than that, the storyline is pretty predictable but is fun to read. Overall, this is a nice series to read for fun. It’s nice and short, too.

  8. Αγαπώ τη σειρά του Τζάκσον Percy (I love the Percy Jackson series).
    I’m part Greek, that is one of the reasons I like this book. 8)

  9. Percy Jackson, half-human and half-god, is in the Greek gods era in the modern day. The Titan, Kronos, wants to take over Olympus as the one and only ruler. Will Percy and his friends stop him?

    I absolutely loved this book. I most especially looked forward to the end of the story. It was the most suspenseful part. I thought the first half was the weakest. The introduction was fair, but there were no special twists, surprises, secrets, or anything like that. The war in the story was my favorite part. It had so much suspense, action, mystery, and a touch of romance.

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