Science Fair

Science Fair: A Story of Mystery, Danger, International Suspense, and a Very Nervous FrogScience Fair is about 3 friends, Toby, Tamara, and Micah, who want to beat the rich kids who always win by cheating. Toby, Tamara, and Micah end up getting suspended from school, Toby ends up getting blackmailed, and other things. It turns out that the science fair causes a terrorist attack.

I really liked this book because it was funny how much trouble Toby, Tamara, and Micah can get into with the rich kids. My favorite scene would be when Toby used a cantaloupe camera … and got attacked by a robot-laser-eye owl.  [∏]

2 thoughts on “Science Fair

  1. The leaders of the Republic of Krpshtskan are plotting a terrorist attack against the United States of America, a quite unusual attack indeed. The attack involves the science fair at Tony Harbinger’s school. Hubble Middle School is located in the suburbs of D.C. What’s disturbing is that no one realizes it – that is, except for Tony and his two buds, Micah and Tamara. Can they save the U.S., despite all the obstacles?

    This book is very well written and very creative. I like how the author used “kid-language” that made it fun and easy to understand. I like how science fiction is incorporated with the aspects that actually exist in real life. Much of the humor in this book is hilarious, but there is also suspense in many parts. Read this book!

  2. These kids are trying to win the school science fair, but the rich kids always win because they cheat. The kids try to bust them and end up getting caught in a terrorist plot to destroy America. This book is awesome!! There’s a lot of action and some suspense, but it’s mostly funny. Some scenes were so funny I almost fell off my chair I was laughing so hard. My favorite character was probably the robot owl. 🙂

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