The Red Pyramid

The Red Pyramid The Red Pyramid is about 2 kids, Sadie and Carter Kane, who find out that they are related to 2 pharaohs. They also find out that they are hosts to gods. Sadie is hosting Isis and Carter is hosting Horus. They have to defeat an evil god named Set so they can get their father back, whom Set took.

I liked the scene where Carter and Sadie found out they were hosting gods. This is a really good book and I suggest it to anybody who like books about magic stuff.  [∏]

17 thoughts on “The Red Pyramid

  1. After their mother’s death, Carter and Sadie Kane have been split apart ever since. Carter leaves to travel with his dad, a famous Egyptologist, while Sadie lives in England. One day, when the two are allowed to meet, strange things begin happening, and the evil Egyptian god Set kidnaps their dad. The two embark on a quest to not only save their dad, but the world, too!

    I loved this book because it’s full of action, magic, and humor. It’s also written by my favorite author: Rick Riordan.

  2. He’s the best author. I can’t wait for the 2nd book, The Throne of Fire. Also I can’t wait for The Son of Neptune, the 2nd book in the Heroes of Olympus (sequel to The Lost Hero).

  3. Rick Riordan is such an awesome author. I liked all of the action in this book! It was cool. Almost better than the Percy Jackson series!

  4. A brother and sister discover their parents are magicians. Their mom dies saving them and their dad gets trapped trying to bring back gods. Sadie and Carter now have to defeat Set, who wants to take over the world and kill everyone. It is up to Sadie and Carter, with gods Isis and Horus in them, to defeat him.

    I loved the adventure about what Sadie and Carter had to do to defeat Set. I liked how the story of their family and ancient Egypt was explained in more detail throughout the book. Also, it was more interesting because it was about kids my age that can do magic, and I wish I could use magic.

  5. Carter and his sister Sadie find out that the Egyptian gods exist and are escaping into their world. They go on many adventures, fighting demons and trying to find the Red Lord. The story ends just after they fight and defeat him, and discover their next enemy.

    I really liked this book because you didn’t know what was about to happen and it kept you in suspense. It was also funny and had a lot of action. This is a very good book. [nkalod9579]

  6. After Carter and Sadie’s mother’s death, Sadie has been living with their grandparents in London and Carter travels the world with their father. On one visit to see Sadie, they go to the British Museum. Their father is encased inside a coffin and now they realize they are Egyptian Magicians. It is their job to find their father and destroy Set. You can listen to the recordings of Sadie and Carter as they go on their journey to find their father and destroy Set. And maybe bring back their mother?

    I loved Sadie. She was such a diva. Not the typical English girl you would expect. She was actually a BIG source of reading hieroglyphs and opening stuff. Carter, on the other hand, was good at telling the histories and stories. I would definitely recommend this book.

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