Pandora Gets Vain

Pandora Gets VainPandora (a.k.a Pandy) and her friends Alcie, Iole and Homer all set out to find one of the 7 evils, vanity, but they found the first one already. So they have to go to Cleopatra (young Cleopatra, like 12 or 11), but vanity is in Cleopatra’s mirror and she will do anything to get anybody away from it. She even broke a servant’s arm just for looking in it.

This book is not about Pandora getting vain. I love when Pandora turns 67 or so, and I know what some of you are thinking, so that’s where Pandora’s box came from – well, yes, a Greek myth turned into 7 (not 1, but 7) books, one for each evil. I have all the books at home and since I love reading chapter books (this book is why I love reading so much), I’m done with all the books done since summer. I recommend this book to anyone who loves Greek myths, violence, romance, and other stuff like adventure.  Book 2 of the Pandora series.  [beviediva]

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