The School for Good and Evil

The School for Good and EvilThere was a town that believed that children were kidnapped and put into fairy tales. Sophie thought she would become a princess, and Agatha thought she was gonna become a witch. The day came, but a terrible mistake made them realize who they really are.

I liked it when Agatha tried to talk to animals and she could turn them back into who they really were, a bunch of kids. The suspicion is on – is Sophie a princess or a witch?  Is Agatha a witch or a princess? The truth is that … well, read the book and find out for yourselves.  [Shadow take you all]

4 thoughts on “The School for Good and Evil

  1. Sophie believes that fairy tales are true; Agatha doesn’t. Everyone in Gavaldon believes that every child kidnapped from the town ends up in a fairy tale, because when a story book appears on the store owner’s desk, the owner makes copies for all the children. They see the same faces on the missing poster and the story book. Everyone expects Agatha to end up in the evil school, but she ends up in the good school instead, where princesses are trained and prepared for their fairy tale. Sophie ends up in the evil school where villains (witches, warlocks, others) are trained for their fairy tales. They thought it was a mistake, but it’s a journey to find their true selves. They go through many things, like fights and magic and war. Who will emerge on top, good or evil?

    I loved it when Tedros proposed to Agatha to go to the Ball. I also loved it when … never mind, you will just have to find out yourself, but it’s a scene towards the end, where Sophie and Agatha are in the tower with the school master. Enjoy the book.

    • Great question! Books can be reviewed more than once. The most recent review goes on top, and we keep all the older reviews as comments below the most recent.

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