WonderAugust has a facial deformity that prevents him from going to primary school up until 5th grade, and whatever you think he looks like, it’s probably worse. Then in 5th grade at Breecher Prep, he gets gossiped about a lot. I like the style of picking different characters for each chapter. My favorite scene is when he goes on a field trip. This was the best book I’ve read since Stargirl! This book reminds me of myself.  [the_only_word_to_describe_me_is_swag]

4 thoughts on “Wonder

  1. A boy named August Pullman (Auggie) has a medical condition to say the least. He has been homeschooled all his life, but then one day while at his friend Christopher’s house, he hears the grown-ups talking …

    This book is told from many different points of view: Auggie, some of his friends, his sister, and a lot of other people. This is a cool book that will keep you interested because you will be going through August’s life in fifth grade.

  2. A kid named August has a rare form of Treacher-Collins syndrome. He’s just a normal kid from his perspective, but that’s not how everyone else sees him. He dreads the day when he has his first day of school, he’s stared at like a cat at a dog park, but then he meets someone … someone different. Her name is Summer. She’s beautiful! But why would SHE want to hang out with HIM? Because she doesn’t care about what he looks like! She likes him for him! So does his other friend Jack, who at first was told to be his friend by the principal, Mr.Tushman (hehe, TUSHman!). But anyway, August learns the meaning of life and not to care what people think.

    This is a truly heart-warming story! My favorite characters were Jack, Summer, and August, because they all didn’t care what people think! My favorite scene was … well, I don’t know, I LOVED THE WHOLE BOOK!

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