SpudThis book was written in South Africa. It says on the cover that it is hilarious, but I think it was terrible. I hated how it tricked me into reading the book by making it look good on the cover. The book is set like a diary and I couldn’t go any further than the 2nd day. I will admit, it was funny at first, but then it got super boring. Also this book is very inappropriate. Only in the first 10 pages, SPUD had already referred to a [body part] about 10 times. This book is the worst.  [hashtag.hashbrown]

One thought on “Spud

  1. This is a coming of age story featuring the witty hero John “Spud” Milton. He’s attending an elite private school in South Africa, around the same time that Nelson Mandela is released from prison. It’s chaos, alright, and Spud can’t be more than happy to leave it all behind. However, instead of leaving the chaos, Spud seems to jump right in the middle of it!

    This book is filled with all kinds of humor, and I guarantee it will make you laugh. You will probably get weird looks from your parents for laughing.

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