Miki Falls 2: Summer

Miki Falls 2: SummerSince Miki is now in on what Hiro’s BIG secret is, she helps him out with his work. Then she realizes he is spying on her friend, Yumi. She tries to keep it a secret, and she does, but it becomes a challenge throughout the book. It’s now Hiro’s birthday and usually she is supposed to call him before she comes over, but then his present wouldn’t be a surprise. So she goes and knocks on his door, but when Hiro opens the door he steps out with a girl. Will this girl tear Miki and Hiro apart?

This book is great, but I suggest you read Miki Falls 1: Spring first, otherwise this one will be very confusing. I love this book cause it’s a short little read. I am going to read the other two books in this series, Miki Falls Autumn and Winter.  [pixiestix123]


TTYLThese 3 best friends in high school who have known each other since 6th grade go through an adventure with their lives. When one of them has to move, their whole world falls apart! They go through all kinds of things. I would tell you more but I don’t want to tell the best part!  I think this was the best drama book ever, it is now my favorite book!  [uniheartsbelike]


FourmileA boy named Foster lives on a farm with his widowed mother and dog Joe in Fourmile, Alabama. When he meets a stranger willing to help the farm, will Foster find a friend? Why is the stranger so mysterious? And will Foster finally get rid of his mother’s horrible boyfriend? The last two chapters were the best.  [1person]

Night Games

Night GamesDiane has been sneaking out at midnight with her friends, Lenny, Jordan, and Cassie. A boy named Spencer whom she knew a while back turns up, he’s thinner and has platinum-colored hair. He came up with a midnight activity called “Night Games.” It first started when he smashed a teacher’s (Mr. Crowell’s) lights. They’ve been playing a new prank every night. Will someone turn up … dead? Is there any way out?

The ending is very backwards, it was my favorite scene. I say this because the book tells what happened last winter and the next winter, so when you read the book, remember what happened to Spencer last winter and what happens to Diane the next …  [SjeaniDollie]


KringleA kid named Kringle lives with this woman named Merwen, but they get attacked by goblins, and Merwen sends Kringle to a town … that’s been invaded with goblins. He also finds out that he is the ‘Chosen One’.  I didn’t really like this book because in the beginning, he was talking to himself, and then he was talking to an actual person, and it just got confusing. Also, the storyline was kinda cheesy (not giving away the ending …).  [∏]


PeanutA girl moves to a new town and school, and can’t wait to make friends. When she gets to school, she tells all her teachers and friends, and classmates, that she has a peanut allergy. There’s only one thing – she doesn’t. See what happens when they find out the truth!

This was actually a very bad book. It was quite boring, and sorta repetitive, SO BEWARE! It seemed interesting at the beginning , but just got boring in the middle and end. The end was VERY anticipated, and there were no plot twists, or anything … just, uh, very expected.  [Star-Cat]