Why the Cat Chose Us

Why the Cat Chose UsThis book tells about how cats were domesticated. It talks about cats in Egypt, and how there might even be earlier ones. This book shows pictures of many wild cats and tells how they’re similar to cats today. It explains how domestic cats are different from wild ones, along with the different breeds. I liked this book. It explained many characteristics of my pet cat that I didn’t understand. For example, you can find out why cats run around the house. It is fascinating.  [Captain Boofoo of the Pacific]

Mouse Guard: Winter 1152

Mouse Guard: Winter 1152Kenzie, Saxon, Liam, Sadie, and the Black Axe are sent out to get supplies for winter because all were lost during the battle in Fall 1152. They face many problems such as the owl, snow and ice, separation, and Darkheather. Liam and the Black Axe are separated from the others when Kenzie, Saxon, and Sadie fall into a weasel hole hidden by snow.  They are trusted to bring medicine back to Lockhaven, while Kenzie and the others have to pass through Darkheather, the weasel kingdom …

My favorite part is when one of the mice die. He is remembered by all who knew him. Also one of my favorite parts is when Saxon passes through Darkheather, he sees the dead mice who died in the war against the weasels. This book was wonderful and I hope you like it too. Book 2 of the Mouse Guard series.  [Kenzie]

Mouse Guard: Fall 1152

Mouse Guard: Fall 1152Kenzie, Saxon,and Liam are on their way to Barkstone when they run into a cart of grain. They search for the merchant who was the owner of this cart and find that he was killed by a snake – and also discover that he was a traitor because they found a stolen map of Lockhaven in his grain. They continue their journey in search of the mouse that betrayed the guard …

My favorite character is Saxon because he’s always ready for action and his ideas are funny. Also his personality is the opposite of Kenzie’s, but they are best friends. Like all books, one of the best parts is when the bad guy is defeated, and in this book there’s more than one bad guy. Personally, my favorite part is when Liam defeats the snake. This book is very funny and enjoyable, so I hope you will read it and enjoy it as much as I did.  Book 1 of the Mouse Guard series.  [Kenzie]

The Complete Dog Book for Kids

The Complete Dog Book for KidsIf you’re ready to welcome an adorable monster into your home, try checking out this book first. It has so much about every breed you can possibly think of. This book is amazing, one of the best breed guides out there. It has every breed and even information about care, measuring and dog show expectations. From sporting to herding, Affenpinscher to Yorkshire Terrier, this book is perfect for any dog lover!  [Unicorn Eating Rainbows]

The Darkest Hour

The Darkest HourFirestar, now the leader of ThunderClan, knows that Tigerstar, leader of ShadowClan, wants to kill them. So he makes TigerClan a combination of ShadowClan and River Clan. Wind and Thunder refuse. Then Tigerstar gets some help from outside… from BloodClan.

The Darkest Hour was awesome, all action-packed, and interesting. The best part is when Firestar, my favorite character, takes the lead and confronts Scrouge, the BloodClan leader. He and his clan unite with Wind to make LionClan. When Tigerstar tells BloodClan warriors to attack and they don’t, Scrouge kills him and tells Firestar to leave the forest or they will kill all of them. You’ll have to read to find out which Clan wins in the end.  [Guesswho?]

Secret of the Sirens

Secret of the SirensMythical creatures are being disturbed by mundanes (humans). Some are taking action by killing. The “society” needs a Siren companion, but they get someone better! Connie Lion Heart has something that hasn’t been seen in a century. But when a great hero appears, so does a great villain, Kullervo!

I really enjoyed it! This book has a lot of action. It’s about mythical creatures and saving the environment. All grades can read it! The emotion is happy and tense. The highest point came when Connie got snatched off a cliff by an eagle and finally meets Kullervo. It made me laugh. It had a few surprises. There are four books in the series.  [Universal Companion]