SnitchThis is about two important characters and their lives. One character who is a girl doesn’t like gangs, but that’s what her whole school has. Her father is either at work or at his girlfriend’s house. So she is an independent girl. On the other hand another character who is a boy is new to school. His personality, well is … different. Somehow they meet and they start having feelings about each other. Then something happens and changes both of their lives.

The scene that got me interested the most was when she was at her locker and her supposed-to-be good friend fights her. I thought at that point that Maggie wasn’t her friend all along. Maggie was just being her friend until she did something that she didn’t like. You always have to watch who’s your and friend and who’s not.  [Top_Of_The_Line21]

Cleopatra Confesses

Cleopatra ConfessesAfter her father comes back from his trip, Tryphaena and Berenike decide to rule. Soon after, they both die and Cleopatra becomes the new queen. She is very loyal and true to her people. So far, she is the greatest Pharoah that Egypt has ever had.  This was a good book. I never knew that jealousy could go so far as to kill. I really enjoyed reading this book.  [Cleo]


TornJonah and Kathryn are stuck in 1611. When they lose contact with JB, they’re stuck in 1611 with NO help!  Jonah has to act as Henry Hudson. I thought it was AWESOME!  It was the best out of the Missing series. I really like how the author creates A LOT of suspense and cliff hangers! I can’t wait until the next book!!  Book 4 of the Missing series.  [mimo123d]

Blood Red Road

Blood Red RoadThis story follows the journey of a girl named Saba and her quest to save her twin brother. Following the kidnapping of her brother, she heads out to a changed world that is filled with crooks, freedom fighters, and a troublemaker named Jack.  It’s told in an odd kind of writing style that gives the book a genuine uniqueness. It takes a while to get used to it, but when the action picks up (trust me, it definitely does), it makes the book a lot less confusing. This is a book for anyone who has been craving a great adventure.  [Wild Pancake]

Theodore Boone, Kid Lawyer

Theodore Boone, Kid LawyerTheo is on an incredible case for a kid. He knows the truth about a murder. Will the killer will be let free? My favorite character was Theodore Boone. It surprised me that a thirteen-year-old kid knew the laws like a lawyer. It was funny that the killer depends on Theo to be free.  Also, I thought the weakest part of the book was when Mrs. Goodbe lost her hearing and some of her mind.  [moviestar 221]

The Drop

The DropIn the beginning Alex, Hope, Bryce, and Dave are training to become Backcountry Patrollers, a group of snowboarders. They learn from a man named Sam, who was one of the best snowboarders in the world. Bryce smartly planned to kidnap himself. He was trying to show his father that he could be like his very famous brothers. Alex and Hope go off looking for him. Later they figure out that Bryce was actually kidnapped and try to rescue him. Is Bryce safe in the end? Do Alex and Hope become Backcountry Patrollers?

I found the story to be very interesting and clever. My favorite character was Hope. She was brave, smart, and sometimes clumsy. There was also a pretty sad secret shared by Sam. My favorite scene was the ending.  [carebear 443]

The Nightmare

The NightmareThis story is about nightmares that come to life. An ancient artifact, when in the hands of the wrong person, puts a curse on some unlucky people and makes their nightmares come alive. I loved this book! It combined the perfect amount of mystery and spine-chilling tales. Anyone who loves creepy books will consider this a new favorite. Definitely a must read! There are many plot twists, you will be surprised and scared. It’s very dark, so read at your own risk. You will be on the edge of your seat practically the whole time. The nightmares not only come true in this book, they get even worse. They can’t actually hurt you, but beware!  [unknown 000]