FourmileA boy named Foster lives on a farm with his widowed mother and dog Joe in Fourmile, Alabama. When he meets a stranger willing to help the farm, will Foster find a friend? Why is the stranger so mysterious? And will Foster finally get rid of his mother’s horrible boyfriend? The last two chapters were the best.  [1person]


ElsewhereThis book is about a girl named Liz (Elizabeth) who dies when a car crashes into her while she was on her bike. She goes to this place called Elsewhere, it’s where you go when you die. She meets her grandmother Betty and a dog named Sadie. She meets a girl named Thandi and her favorite rock star (she meets a lot of people ). Liz doesn’t like Elsewhere because it’s not where her best friend and mom and dad and brother are. She has different things going on in her life.

I loved, loved, loved this book because in Elsewhere, instead of aging forward you age backwards, from the age you died to a baby, then you are born a different person. In some parts of this book it teaches to enjoy what you have now, have fun in the moment whether it’s something you don’t want to do or something like. You won’t have this life forever, make sure you have fun and do good with your life before you die.  [beviediva]


EnvyThis is an intriguing story about a girl waiting for the right moment when the water in the bathtub gets too hot. Little did she know someone else was waiting for the right moment as well. A devastating death takes place. Her friends that are twins want to get to the bottom of the story, don’t judge a person by his/her look. The twins find that out in the end!

I loved this intriguing and solemn book that’s horror and mystery at the same time. My favorite part is the death. My favorite character is the mean girl because she makes the story interesting.  [Maya Mcswagger]

Middle School Is Worse Than Meatloaf

Middle School Is Worse Than MeatloafGinny, a girl who is starting school, makes all these different kinds of lists for the new school year. She makes a new friend named Becky Soo. She tries to get back together with her old friend, Mary Catherine Kelly, but fails. She tries her best to make her year fun, but it seems just the opposite happens. Her dad is dead, she didn’t get the part in the “Sugarplum Fairy” that she wanted, and she broke her wrist. In fact, she had a pretty rough year even though she kept strong and stayed healthy.

I thought the title was a little strange at first, but when you finish it you’ll finally understand the meaning of the title. It was a bit sad in the middle of the book. I do recommend it.  [carebare 443]


DivergentA lot of high schoolers freak out because they have to take a test to decide which society group they are in. It’s similar to The Hunger Games. The main character of the story was worried the most because after the test she still wasn’t in a group. She was a special kid in the divergent group, which is very rare. For the rest of the book, she has the challenge of not telling anyone because she can’t … “or else.”

My favorite part was when a girl was taking the test. She had to pick between a knife and a piece of cheese. Her reaction was funny because her look was how you would look when your friend is making no sense. I highly recommend this book to read.  [XYZ]

Independence Hall

Independence HallIQ and Angela’s parents get married, so now they are stepbrother and stepsister. Their parents, who are musicians, are going on tour after the wedding. IQ’s mom’s friend comes along. He knows so many things, even from 100 years ago. He knows every city in the U.S. IQ and Angela are wondering why he knows so much. Their mom tells them that he had a dog that looked exactly like the one she had 30 years ago. Read to find out why their mom’s friend knows so much. It is a little strange, but you will definitely like the book. Book 1 of the I.Q. series.  [Finn the Human]

Along for the Ride

Auden’s life has always been structured and educational – or in other words, a huge bore. She gets the best grades, studies constantly, gets treated like an adult, and basically ignores the fact that she has a peppy and pregnant new stepmom who lives at the beach with her writer dad. That is, until she gets an email with one too many exclamation marks from her stepmom, Heidi, asking her to stay for the summer in the wonderful town of Colby. Although she doesn’t know if she really wants to, in order to have an okay summer before college, Auden goes, leaving her brilliant mom alone. Since she isn’t very good at being the new girl, Auden manages to kiss the playboy of Colby, Jake, meet his recently ex-girlfriend the next day, and get a job at the same place as the ex-girlfriend and her friends – Heidi’s boutique. Over the summer, though, Auden learns how to be friends with the girls at the boutique, and she also forms a strange friendship with a fellow insomniac, Eli, Jake’s older brother. By that time she is starting to enjoy Colby and her brand new sister Thisbe. But will things start to get rough when Auden sees her old classmate Jason again? And what will happen when Auden is forced by Eli, who is starting to become more than a friend, to face her toughest challenge yet … learning how to ride a bike?

I loved this book – it was my favorite of all the Sarah Dessen books. This book includes details from The Truth About Forever, Lock and Key, and Keeping the Moon, and I really liked how Sarah Dessen did that. My favorite character was Auden because she was smart and eventually learned how to have fun. I absolutely hated Jason because he was just a school-obsessed jerk in The Truth About Forever, and he was a work-obsessed evil person in this book. If you like romance books, especially any Sarah Dessen books and The Summer I Turned Pretty, you should definitely read this one.  [trh99]

Waiting for Normal

Waiting for NormalAddie and her mother always seem to find themselves in difficult situations. Her mom remarries, so now Addie has a stepdad. After two kids, her mother divorces him and finds herself pregnant again. Addie still loves her two half-sisters. Now her stepdad has a new friend, Hannah. Addie also has two friends that own a nearby store. One of the friends has cancer and is receiving chemotherapy. Addie gets a hamster and names it Pic (Piccolo).

I thought it was a good book that was filled with lots of twists and turns. My favorite part was when the trailer caught on fire. They realized that her mother had been gone for a week.  [SGU583]

Alice in Time

Alice in TimeTrisha is having a wedding. Alice can’t go because of her brother. She gets knocked out and is now seven years old again. How did all of this happen – and will she recover?

My favorite character was Alice. My favorite scene was the wedding. The overall tone of the book is happiness. If readers like to control the future and the past, then this book is for you. It will keep your interest. I was surprised when Gran tried to kiss Alice.  [moviestar 221]


ParadiseThis story is about a girl named Paisley Tilery who lives in Texas. Paisley has had a dream ever since she was a little girl – to go to Texapoolaza, where you perform your talent in front of a big audience. Paisley is a drummer in a band. Mrs. Tilery is very protective over Paisley and her sister Lacey. All their mom wants for them is to have the best education. They don’t think that. Both Lacey and Paisley have to hide what they want to do because they’re afraid their mom won’t approve. Already Paisley has to hide to her mom that she’s a drummer. Lacey has to hide that she wants to go to cosmetology school. Her mom wants her to be a singer. Paisley’s life changes when they get a new lead singer for the band.

My favorite character from the story is the dad. He was very understanding even though he knew about Paisley and the band. Mr. Tilery would cover for Paisley whenever she was late coming home from her band practicing. Mrs. Tilery was the only person who didn’t know about Paisley being a drum player. Mr. Tilery was the type of person who would let his daughters tell the truth to their mother. That’s what Paisley and Lacey had to do.  [Unicorn123]


VibesKristi can read minds.  She has a semi-crush on her ex-boyfriend’s brother Gusty.  Then a new kid comes, Mallory, who ends up liking her.  But then her dad comes back … with another woman.  Her mom gets promoted and wants to “share some time” with her.  Not to make things worse, it turns out Gusty does like her, but so does Mallory.  Choose now before somebody gets hurt.

I loved this book!  I clearly understood this character’s feelings.  I liked how she described her problems and “solved” them, even the part when she plays those jokes on innocent people.  But I didn’t like the part when she “cheats” on Mallory and hurts people other than herself.  [Fiddlesticks2000]

Three Black Swans

Three Black SwansMissy, the main character, has a cousin – or so she thinks. They are both suspicious that they might be twin sisters, considering some actions of the parents. Then there is a situation with an online video. They’re under the impression that one of the viewers is also part of their family. That means they could be triplets!  I really liked this book. It was so interesting the way the author wrote the story. With all of the questions and suspense, it made me want to keep on reading to see what happened next. Probably, the most interesting part is the end. I can’t tell it because if someone else reads this book, it would ruin it for them.  [X]

My Sister’s Keeper

mysisterskeeper_110Imagine if you just found out that you’re only alive so you can give spare parts to your sister, who is dying of cancer. That you were actually made in a test tube, and that you were genetically engineered to fit your sister’s chromosomes. And you were only 13. Well, Anna Fitzgerald is in the same position, yet she has known for years. She has to donate white blood cells, bone marrow, blood, and a whole bunch more to her sister, Kate, who is slowly dying of leukemia. After a while she gets sick of it – so Anna files for medical emancipation. But what is her real reason? Is it just because she doesn’t want to have only one kidney, or is it something else?

I honestly loved the way that Jodi Picoult wrote this book. It switches characters’ points of view with each chapter, so you get the history and thoughts of everyone (well, almost everyone). At the end your mouth will be hanging open. I loved the part when Kate was a toddler, and it was from her mom’s point of view when they first found out that she had cancer. I loved this book, and I’m sure you will too.  [That Girl]

A Monster Calls

A Monster CallsConor O’Malley awakes one night (12:07 to be specific) to find a monster. You would expect him to be scared, but he isn’t. He’s only scared of the monster from his nightmare. This monster is different. It doesn’t want his life. It wants the truth, which only Conor can deliver. Conor’s mom is suffering from a deadly disease and he figures the monster has good intentions. He believes the monster is here to save his mom. But the monster is only here for one person: Conor O’Malley. Dealing with these strange recurring visits every night at 12:07, when the monster tells him strange stories, Conor deals with bullies, his dad, his mother’s health, and destruction – lots of it. Will Conor be able to bear this pressure?

At first I thought this book wasn’t that good. It confused me by not giving any background information, like where the story took place. You had to infer it, which I began to like by the third chapter. After knowing that there was a secret, the truth, I had to finish it! This book was not only a horror story, but also something to cry about. READ IT!  [rocky158]

Notes on a Near-Life Experience

Notes from a Near-Life ExperienceMia has a brother named Allen and a little sister named Keatie. Her best friend ever since she was little is Haley. Mia basically tells Haley her feelings. When Mia gets home from school she does her homework. Lately she hasn’t been talking to Haley a lot because of family troubles happening at home. Her mom and dad have been arguing a lot. Mia has been distracted from everything because of arguing. She hasn’t been calling her friend or telling her mom how her day has been during school like she usually does.

My favorite character is Allen. He’s seventeen and has a best friend named Julian, which is who Mia likes. Allen is the type of person who checks to make sure you’re alright. He will really take care of you and that’s what he does with Mia and Keatie. He treats them like they’re his daughters. He is very caring and helpful. When their mom or dad isn’t able to take them to school or doctor’s appointments, Allen takes them.  [Unicorn123]


WavesHal is a fifteen-year-old boy whose sister, Charlie, was in a terrible accident. He can hear her in spirit. He meets Jackie who is Pete’s younger sister. Pete was Charlie’s old boyfriend. Hal thinks Pete has something to do with her accident.

I found this book to be full of suspense. It kept me reading all the way to the end. The mysteriousness of who caused Charlie’s accident was very intriguing. I also thought how nice it was that Hal was very concerned for his sister.  [wil7001]

How I Saved My Father’s Life (and Ruined Everything Else)

How I Saved My Father's Life (and Ruined Everything Else)In this story, Madeline Vandermeer, age 12, had witnessed her parents’ divorce. She now hates her mother for letting her dad go to an Ava Pomme. Ava doesn’t even know how to care for her own child! Madeline realizes it wasn’t her mom’s fault they got divorced. What if it was her dad’s fault.

I loved this book! it really described a 12 year old girl’s life through her parents’ divorce and how hard it is.  [dizicherry]

Witch Catcher

Witch CatcherA witch catches a creature and keeps it locked up in a little ball. A girl finds the creature and helps it out. She finds out that her father’s girlfriend is the witch catcher.  I liked the adventurous mood of this book.  My favorite character was the little creature. It could talk and was kind of sassy. My favorite scene was when the girl turned into a squirrel.  [Who am I?]

Out of Order

Out of OrderIn this story there is a rock-paper-scissors tournament between the family. The four main characters have a messed-up life. If you think your life is bad, well, this book will prove you wrong.  I didn’t like this book. It was very hard to understand with the point of view switching so much. Also, this family is really messed up. At the end of the story, everyone is like, “I like them” (talking about their family), while in the middle they complain. I truly didn’t understand this book, so I didn’t like it.  [??]

The Garden of Eve

The Garden of EveThe story is sort of sad in the beginning. The girl’s mother dies; she and her father move to an almost spooky, yet comforting area. Evy and her friend go on an adventure to another dimension. There is a mystery that they are trying to solve. There is a complete surprise at the end that you would never expect. (I know I didn’t).

I think this is a really, really good book. In my opinion, this is my favorite book. I highly recommend that you read it.  [X]


FinallyThis story is about a girl who is finally turning twelve. She wishes for everything possible. For example a pet. Her parents won’t let her because they think she’s not responsible enough. She’ll also get mad at her parents if she asks for a cell phone and her father or mother say no. Her parents doesn’t even like it when she goes to boy-girl parties. Most of the time they won’t allow her to go. Her parents are overprotective. Now her birthday is back again and she can’t wait to make her birthday list.

My favorite character in this story is her brother. He will laugh at anyone or anything. He mostly laughs at what his dad does. Like if his father burps he’ll start cracking up for a couple of hours straight. Also if his dad farts he starts cracking up for the rest of the day. He’ll even continue to laugh until the next day. He’ll just laugh nonstop.  [unicorn123]