KringleA kid named Kringle lives with this woman named Merwen, but they get attacked by goblins, and Merwen sends Kringle to a town … that’s been invaded with goblins. He also finds out that he is the ‘Chosen One’.  I didn’t really like this book because in the beginning, he was talking to himself, and then he was talking to an actual person, and it just got confusing. Also, the storyline was kinda cheesy (not giving away the ending …).  [∏]

Pandora Gets Vain

Pandora Gets VainPandora (a.k.a Pandy) and her friends Alcie, Iole and Homer all set out to find one of the 7 evils, vanity, but they found the first one already. So they have to go to Cleopatra (young Cleopatra, like 12 or 11), but vanity is in Cleopatra’s mirror and she will do anything to get anybody away from it. She even broke a servant’s arm just for looking in it.

This book is not about Pandora getting vain. I love when Pandora turns 67 or so, and I know what some of you are thinking, so that’s where Pandora’s box came from – well, yes, a Greek myth turned into 7 (not 1, but 7) books, one for each evil. I have all the books at home and since I love reading chapter books (this book is why I love reading so much), I’m done with all the books done since summer. I recommend this book to anyone who loves Greek myths, violence, romance, and other stuff like adventure.  Book 2 of the Pandora series.  [beviediva]

The Mark of Athena

The Mark of AthenaAnnabeth comes to Camp Jupiter and is scared to meet her boyfriend. Out of nowhere, Leo starts to fire out of his ship, the Argo II. Percy Jackson and his two friends escape to find the Mark of Athena. Percy, Jason, Hazel, Piper, Annabeth, Frank, and Leo, all demigods were chased by demigods, most importantly Octavian.

I like when Percy made Octavian shut up. I also like when Percy used the water to destroy the water tank, and when Frank became a dragon. Book 3 of The Heroes of Olympus series.  [yayo]

Prince Caspian

Prince CaspianPrince Caspian has run away from his barbaric Uncle Miraz, false king of Narnia. He got the trust of the old Narnians to fight for their freedom. Along the way he happens to bring back King Peter, King Edmund, Queen Susan and Queen Lucy, and although they start off on the wrong foot they become like family in the end.

My favorite character is Reepicheep because he is witty and a marvelous swordsman. Therefore who else could he be but a mouse!  Book 4 of The Chronicles of Narnia series.  [Georgia]

The House of Hades

The House of HadesThis book is so good! It tells the story from 5 of the 9 main characters’ points of view. Annabeth and Percy are trying to survive in Tartarus, while Leo, Jason, Piper, Hazel, Frank, Nico, and Coach Hedge try to reach the Doors of Death on the mortal side. Meanwhile, the Romans are preparing for war, but their praetor has to go on a mission for Annabeth. This book is filled with thrilling adventures, betrayals, and unexpected twists.

My favorite scene was when Percy and Annabeth are trying to fight Tartarus. I’m not going to say anything about what happens, because it would be a huge spoiler, but it is really good!  Book 4 of The Heroes of Olympus series.  [k9srgr8]

Son of Neptune

Son of NeptunePercy Jackson tries to get to a camp and two gordons start to chase him and an old lady says him to carry her to a camp. After Percy gets to a camp he meets two new friends and goes on a dangerous journey. Both of his friends should have died. Hazel should have died 70 years ago and Frank should have died as a child, but his life depended on a burnt stick. He still has not been claimed by the gods of Olympus. Frank Zhangs has a power he tries to figure out.

I like when Percy becomes jealous of the power Frank has because he wants the power that belongs to Poseidon. I would recommend this book people who like myths.  Book 2 of The Heroes of Olympus series.  [Whatever]

Amulet 4: The Last Council

Amulet 4: The Last CouncilEmily and her friends reach the lost floating city Cielis, but when they get there everything is wrong.The city is known for great hospitality and kindness, but they are putting people in jail for no apparent reason. Max is a stonekeeper but he is actually working for the evil elf king.

My favorite characters are Leon, Emily and Prince Trellis. Leon is an awesome fighter, Emily is always showing improvement with controlling her stone, and Trellis tries his best to help Emily even though she doesn’t completely trust him since he’s the elf king’s son.  [#1 Percy Jackson fan]