The Last Olympian

Percy Jackson and his friend Bekendorf, who are demigods, have a plan to bomb the titan lord Kronos’ ship so he can’t capture Olympus, but the plan fails and Bekendorf dies. He returns home with sad news (everyone expected great news from him). The Titan War starts, and Nico traps Percy for his father Hades because he wants to know about his past (Nico can’t remember anything before he was 8). Percy, son of Poseidon, gets help from Nick, and he bathes in the River Styx for invulnerability.

My favorite character is Percy Jackson because he shows tons of talents, like bathing in the River Styx, though he knew nobody had ever done it other than his friend Luke, son of Hermes, who came in Kronos’ team and became Kronos’ body. Percy also defeated the titans, who no hero demigod, not even Hercules, was able to deafeat.  Book 5 of the Percy Jackson & the Olympians series.  [Pj#1fan]

The Burning Bridge

The Burning BridgeThis book follows Will’s second year as an apprentice ranger when the country has gone to war with an evil mage from the south that has made an army of wargals that feel no fear. Will is employed by Ranger Gillan, who must deliver a message, but it turns out to be far worse than that. Their short trip south is about to go horribly wrong.

This book grabbed my attention and did not let go, it just makes you addicted. If you want a good read check this book out!!  Book 2 of The Ranger’s Apprentice series.  [Gr0met5242]

The Ruins of Gorlan

The Ranger's Apprentice 1: The Ruins of GorlanOk, imagine a world full of wonderful things like fairies and unicorns and things like that. Now forget half of it and replace what you forgot with horror and war. That’s what Araluen is like. But not for long — the rangers, a corps of about 50 or so skilled warriors, have come to change all of that. Araluen is under siege by evil and the rangers must stop it before it’s too late …

My favorite character was Will because he kept annoying his master with question after question, but he also has a brave side that he uses in times of need.  [NeonSteam]

Fly by Night

Fly by NightImagine a world in which all books have been BANNED.  Mosca Mye, the daughter and only child of the infamous Quillam Mye, loves words. And in a world where books unapproved by the Stationers are said to drive you mad, this is a problem. She lives with her aunt and uncle after her father died. Her uncle doesn’t trust her, and her black eyes have earned her years of suspicion, filled with venom even if she holds her pointed tongue. They are dangerous in another way as well … they can read.

Mosca’s only real family, the only family she has a bond with, is a goose. This goose is named Saracen. He is a vicious goose, biting and snapping at everyone. He might be one of my favorite characters, even if he doesn’t have a very big role.

When words take flight, heroes are born.  [Bill Cipher /?]

The Lost Hero

The Lost HeroJason Grace is confused, he woke up on a bus holding holding a girl’s hand he apparently doesn’t know, and he has no memory of how he got in the situation he’s in. He ends up going to a special camp called Camp-Half Blood. While he’s there he goes on a quest, battles a giant, and regains some of his memory.

This book is related to Greek and Roman mythology, so I recommend it to anyone interested in mythology.  Book 1 of The Heroes of Olympus series.  [#1 Percy Jackson fan]


ElsewhereThis book is about a girl named Liz (Elizabeth) who dies when a car crashes into her while she was on her bike. She goes to this place called Elsewhere, it’s where you go when you die. She meets her grandmother Betty and a dog named Sadie. She meets a girl named Thandi and her favorite rock star (she meets a lot of people ). Liz doesn’t like Elsewhere because it’s not where her best friend and mom and dad and brother are. She has different things going on in her life.

I loved, loved, loved this book because in Elsewhere, instead of aging forward you age backwards, from the age you died to a baby, then you are born a different person. In some parts of this book it teaches to enjoy what you have now, have fun in the moment whether it’s something you don’t want to do or something like. You won’t have this life forever, make sure you have fun and do good with your life before you die.  [beviediva]


GhostopolisIf you liked Cardboard you’ll love Ghostopolis. It’s about a boy named Mark who has an incurable disease, though instead of focusing on the deadly future ahead of him, he wants to know more about the past – specifically his grandfather whose life was shut.  Mark was my favorite character since he had the coolest super powers, which tie into the end of the story.  [TinkerTime13]