Miki Falls 2: Summer

Miki Falls 2: SummerSince Miki is now in on what Hiro’s BIG secret is, she helps him out with his work. Then she realizes he is spying on her friend, Yumi. She tries to keep it a secret, and she does, but it becomes a challenge throughout the book. It’s now Hiro’s birthday and usually she is supposed to call him before she comes over, but then his present wouldn’t be a surprise. So she goes and knocks on his door, but when Hiro opens the door he steps out with a girl. Will this girl tear Miki and Hiro apart?

This book is great, but I suggest you read Miki Falls 1: Spring first, otherwise this one will be very confusing. I love this book cause it’s a short little read. I am going to read the other two books in this series, Miki Falls Autumn and Winter.  [pixiestix123]

Amulet 4: The Last Council

Amulet 4: The Last CouncilEmily and her friends reach the lost floating city Cielis, but when they get there everything is wrong.The city is known for great hospitality and kindness, but they are putting people in jail for no apparent reason. Max is a stonekeeper but he is actually working for the evil elf king.

My favorite characters are Leon, Emily and Prince Trellis. Leon is an awesome fighter, Emily is always showing improvement with controlling her stone, and Trellis tries his best to help Emily even though she doesn’t completely trust him since he’s the elf king’s son.  [#1 Percy Jackson fan]

Bigfoot Boy

Bigfoot BoyA kid named Rufus goes to his grandma’s house and stays there for over the week. There he finds a girl who kind of wanders around in the forest. Rufus tries to follow her, gets lost, and finds a Q’achi totem. This book grabbed my attention, I couldn’t wait to read it, now it’s your turn! Rufus is the best character because the story is mainly about him. He is the smart one who makes the right decisions.  [#Sherlock Holmes]

Miki Falls 1: Spring

Miki Falls 1: SpringThis is about a girl, Miki, who sees a new kid, Hiro, come into town. She knows he is hiding a deep dark secret. Miki and her friend try to be nice but he shuts everyone out. One day Hiro walks her home, but it starts raining so they go to his house instead. While Miki is changing, the basement door creaks open, she peeks down the stairs and Hiro closes the door. She then spends all her free time stalking him. Finally Miki gets to learn his secret.

This book is the best graphic novel I have read so far. Miki is my favorite character because she is very determined. I will definitely read Miki Falls: Summer, Autumn, and Winter.  [pixiestix123]

Stuck in the Middle

Stuck in the MiddleThis book has seventeen comics from seventeen different authors. It’s all about being in middle school, making friends, and being the new kid.  It’s a good graphic novel because it has a whole bunch of short stories in it. My favorite story is “Never Go Home” because it’s about a boy who runs away and meets a girl. The girl makes him want to go home. I love this book, it’s awesome.  [pixiestix123]

Daniel X, Alien Hunter

Daniel X, Alien HunterA teenager has the power to create whatever he wants. And in this book he faces #7, an alien that is made out of ants. He also meets really cool friends during his journey.  My favorite scene is when Daniel X defeats #7 alien. My favorite character is, of course, Daniel X, and that is because of the way Daniel X cared about people and was so determined to defeat #7.  [mysteryman221]

Also check out Daniel X manga!