Miki Falls 2: Summer

Miki Falls 2: SummerSince Miki is now in on what Hiro’s BIG secret is, she helps him out with his work. Then she realizes he is spying on her friend, Yumi. She tries to keep it a secret, and she does, but it becomes a challenge throughout the book. It’s now Hiro’s birthday and usually she is supposed to call him before she comes over, but then his present wouldn’t be a surprise. So she goes and knocks on his door, but when Hiro opens the door he steps out with a girl. Will this girl tear Miki and Hiro apart?

This book is great, but I suggest you read Miki Falls 1: Spring first, otherwise this one will be very confusing. I love this book cause it’s a short little read. I am going to read the other two books in this series, Miki Falls Autumn and Winter.  [pixiestix123]

Miki Falls 1: Spring

Miki Falls 1: SpringThis is about a girl, Miki, who sees a new kid, Hiro, come into town. She knows he is hiding a deep dark secret. Miki and her friend try to be nice but he shuts everyone out. One day Hiro walks her home, but it starts raining so they go to his house instead. While Miki is changing, the basement door creaks open, she peeks down the stairs and Hiro closes the door. She then spends all her free time stalking him. Finally Miki gets to learn his secret.

This book is the best graphic novel I have read so far. Miki is my favorite character because she is very determined. I will definitely read Miki Falls: Summer, Autumn, and Winter.  [pixiestix123]


KasumiA high school girl named Kasumi has just moved into a new neighborhood after her mom died. She goes to a new school for elite students and has a hard time fitting in. She’s an aspiring magician, but nobody seems to care. One day she puts on a show in front of the whole school to perform her magic acts. Then something strange happens: she realizes that when she holds her breath, she turns invisible! In this story you get to see how Kasumi can get through daily life while being bullied and invisible!

My favorite character is in fact Kasumi. It’s funny to see how she makes a bit of fun with her gift of invisibility and how she can get a bit of revenge!  [Inu-Kag-9700]

Maximum Ride: The Manga 1

Maximum Ride: The Manga 1This graphic novel is about 6 kids named Max, Fang, Iggy, Nudge, Gazzy, and Angel. They are human test results of animal and human fusion of DNA – they’ve been fused with bird’s DNA so they have wings and can fly. They escaped the institute where they got their wings, and now spend their lives constantly running away from people trying to bring them back.

My favorite characters are Fang, Gazzy, and Max. Fang is cool, Gazzy is funny and loves to blow things up, and Max does the best she can to be a leader.  [#1 Percy Jackson fan]

Fruits Basket

Fruits BasketA girl named Tohru Honda is living in the woods in a tent since her mother died. She encounters her classmate Yuki Sohma and his cousin Shigure Sohma. Tohru realizes that she was on Sohma property and is allowed to stay at the Sohma house. She then encounters their cousin Kyo Sohma as he challenges Yuki to a fight. Touru tries to stop the fight but trips and falls on Kyo. She gets up and sees that Kyo is a cat. She then falls on Yuki and Shigure, and Yuki turns into a rat and Shigure into a dog. They are possessed by the spirits of the animals of the Chinese zodiac. Whenever they are hugged by the opposite gender or become weak, they turn into the animal they are possessed with (they change back after some time). Tohru must keep the Sohma family secret or her memory may be erased.

I thought that it was funny when Tohru accidentally hugged Kyo. She was so worried when she saw Kyo as a cat. At school someone bumped Tohru and fell into Yuki’s arms, and he turned into a rat. This is a very humorous book!  [SUPER-NUGET-PIE:-)]

High School Debut 1

This story is about a girl trying to find love. She comes to school one day and notices that not a single boy notices her. So she starts to think about what’s wrong and what she could do to change. She notices this boy that looks like a popular guy who knows a lot of other boys. So she goes up to him to ask him if he could be her coach. He looks at her and says no way, he can’t stand girls. Plus lots of people would come to her and say he makes girls cry.

My favorite character is Haruna. She’s sporty and girly at the same time. She dresses pretty and wears pretty shoes to match. At the same time she plays sports. She plays baseball and enjoys it a lot. She also sets out her free time to look at magazines so she can know more about boys and what she needs to do to improve.  [Unicorn123]