Spirited Away

Spirited AwayChihiro Ogino’s parents are turned into pigs. She is a ten-year-old girl. At night all sorts of spirits come into the mysterious town to get to a bath house.  I liked this book because I like graphic novels in general.  People who like graphic novels or books based on movies would like this book too. My favorite scene is when Yubaba’s baby, Boh, has a little temper tantrum. My favorite characters are Kamaji and the Susuwatari (the Soof Stokers). Kamaiji has six stretchy arms and the Susuwatari are little soof balls that help Kamaji.  [raccoonman]

Kitchen Princess

Kitchen Princess 1A girl named Madison wanted to become a model when she grew up. She developed an eating disorder that stopped her from becoming a model. My favorite part was when she would eat her grandmother’s apple pie. The boy that the girls fought over was my favorite character. This book made me laugh when Madison threw the pie on another girl. I think middle school girls would like to read this one.  [Apple]

Astro Boy

Astro BoyA man is telling a story to a boy. As he was telling the story, the boy imagines himself in the story. A lot of action happens when the boy fights the evil people.

I liked this book because it had a lot of action with people flying and fighting. I think this book would be good for readers who like action. This book also had a lot of pictures that helped me to better understand it.    [xyz ]


PapillonAgeha is the ugly twin. Her sister, on the other hand, is gorgeous. So one day, Ageha goes to see her best friend in her childhood. She falls in love, and with the help of the counselor, she might get to tell him.

I really liked the book and the whole series. She and her twin get mixed up in a lot of trouble. It keeps the pages turning.  [0010326MIo!]

Maximum Ride: The Manga 3

A girl named Max goes on an adventure with her friends. Fang, one of her friends, gets hurt so they take him to the hospital. Then the people at the hospital figure out that Max and all of his friends have wings.

I liked the whole story. It had lots of action in it. There’s one thing I guess I didn’t like, which is when it was over. This book was different than all of the other books that I’ve read. I really liked the imagination the author put into the book. Lots of people should read it. It’s also a series.  [Morgan]