Cleopatra Confesses

Cleopatra ConfessesAfter her father comes back from his trip, Tryphaena and Berenike decide to rule. Soon after, they both die and Cleopatra becomes the new queen. She is very loyal and true to her people. So far, she is the greatest Pharoah that Egypt has ever had.  This was a good book. I never knew that jealousy could go so far as to kill. I really enjoyed reading this book.  [Cleo]

Daughter of Xanadu

Daughter of XanaduThink Mulan.  Emmajin, granddaughter of the great Genghis Khan, can out-fight her brothers.  More than anything she wants to join the army, but it’s forbidden for women.  The Khan gives her a more important assignment – to gather information from Marco Polo, a merchant from Italy, so the Mongols can learn what they need to know to conquer Europe.  But Marco Polo is a handsome sweet talker, and things get steamy!  Can Emmajin betray the man she’s falling in love with?  Can she betray her Khan?

I read this book because the Mongols were a fierce war machine, and I wanted lots of action.  Yes, there’s blood and body parts … but I didn’t expect Emmajin to spend so much time wondering how it would feel to stroke her fingers across Marco’s hairy chest.  Bleuch, too much for me, you might like it if you’re into that sort of thing.  At least the war scene near the end in was intense.  Emmajin is vicious!  [Free Pizza]

Crossing to Paradise

Crossing to ParadiseEveryone has left Gatty.  Even Arthur has left to the Crusades.  Then she is sent with Lady Gwyneth to a pilgrimage to Jerusalem.  On the way she deals with angry fakers, thieves, and – yes – boys.  Then finally she gets back in 1 or 2 pieces.  I enjoyed this book!  Though I liked the Arthur series better, I still needed to know what happened to her and Arthur.  [Cheese!]