Night Games

Night GamesDiane has been sneaking out at midnight with her friends, Lenny, Jordan, and Cassie. A boy named Spencer whom she knew a while back turns up, he’s thinner and has platinum-colored hair. He came up with a midnight activity called “Night Games.” It first started when he smashed a teacher’s (Mr. Crowell’s) lights. They’ve been playing a new prank every night. Will someone turn up … dead? Is there any way out?

The ending is very backwards, it was my favorite scene. I say this because the book tells what happened last winter and the next winter, so when you read the book, remember what happened to Spencer last winter and what happens to Diane the next …  [SjeaniDollie]


Fear: 13 Stories of Suspense and HorrorOne of the short stories in this magnificent book is called ‘Welcome to the Club’ – it’s about how jokes can sometimes turn into the real thing and things start to get crazy. A normal teenaged boy sets up a prank with a member of a group called ‘The Killers’ and they pretend to kill someone until a joke turns into a serious murder.

Frankly, this book was awesome. I enjoyed every single detail about it. Not only was it creepy, it’s also a great book to share and chat about with your friends. My favorite short story in the book was called ‘The Perfects.’ That really scared the sweat out of me! I highly recommend this book to all of you guys. Especially if you plan on reading it in the dark with your friends.  [Chess_Horse]

Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark

Scary Stories to Tell in the DarkWell there are a lot of different stories in this book! Some stories will scare you out of your pants, ha ha! All types of TRUE  stories, and some are poems that some people say are nothing, others aren’t so sure …

I love this one story, “The Viper.”  It’s funny at the end, but at the beginning an old lady gets 3 phone calls from a guy who says, “This is the viper, I’m coming up.” The last phone call, she calls the police and they said they were coming. So then the door knocks and she thinks it’s the police! Find out what happens next by reading this book!  [hunnybunny]

The Doll in the Garden: A Ghost Story

The Doll in the Garden: A Ghost StoryAshley and her mother have just moved to a new property after her father died, even though Monkton Mill technically belongs to their elderly neighbor, Miss Cooper, who hates cats. While playing outside, Ash and Kristi discover a garden. Throughout the story, while exploring the garden, they find a white cat and a mysterious doll. Kristi tells her a very scary story. Ashley now believes that the garden is haunted.

I really enjoyed this book. I recommend it to anyone who likes ghost or suspense stories. My favorite character was Ashley because she did the same things I would have done during most of the situations.  [X]

The Poisoned House

The Poisoned HouseYou won’t get scolded. You won’t get a beating. Death seems like a reasonable choice in Greaver Hall. A lot of it has been going on there. Fourteen-year-old Abi suffers a day-to-day basis of work and boredom. The housekeeper, Mrs. Lillian Cotton, is strict and uptight, so why not have a little fun? Maybe trick her into thinking her dead sister’s ghost is haunting her. But when the prank goes too far, a different spirit visits the house – one with no good intention.

This book was amazing, great, spectacular! I loved it so much, and the ending, oh the ending! It was shocking, a major twist. Like a giant crescendo in a great musical piece, it ended with a big bang. I highly recommend this book. The writing style and words make it seem like the reader is in the late 1800s. I loved it, so should you!


BloodlineWill Shaw goes to fight in WWI only to find out that his commanding officer is a vampire. After returning home, he finds out that his captain is going out with his sister. My favorite part of the story was when Will had vivid descriptions while in the trenches. My favorite scene was when they finally reached Castle Dracula.  I recommend this book to people who like suspense and unexpected twists at the end. If you’re squeamish and don’t like gore and violence, I do not recommend this book.  [Dark Sage 1331]