SpudThis book was written in South Africa. It says on the cover that it is hilarious, but I think it was terrible. I hated how it tricked me into reading the book by making it look good on the cover. The book is set like a diary and I couldn’t go any further than the 2nd day. I will admit, it was funny at first, but then it got super boring. Also this book is very inappropriate. Only in the first 10 pages, SPUD had already referred to a [body part] about 10 times. This book is the worst.  [hashtag.hashbrown]

Science Fair

Science Fair: A Story of Mystery, Danger, International Suspense, and a Very Nervous FrogScience Fair is about 3 friends, Toby, Tamara, and Micah, who want to beat the rich kids who always win by cheating. Toby, Tamara, and Micah end up getting suspended from school, Toby ends up getting blackmailed, and other things. It turns out that the science fair causes a terrorist attack.

I really liked this book because it was funny how much trouble Toby, Tamara, and Micah can get into with the rich kids. My favorite scene would be when Toby used a cantaloupe camera … and got attacked by a robot-laser-eye owl.  [∏]

Diary of a Wimpy Kid

Diary of a Wimpy KidA kid named Greg who got a diary that his mom bought for him. One day he starts to write “personal stuff” in it. He has a friend named Rowley, and they spend all their time together playing video games. Then one day it’s back to school. There is a big stinky cheese for Greg and Rowley …

I like the part when Greg was about to touch the cheese and get the cheese touch. I also liked it when Rodrick (Greg’s brother) tries to take the “book” from Greg, because the fight was so hilarious, I can’t even explain it because it was so good. The Diary of a Wimpy Kid series has been my favorite, I have all of them at home.  [firemaster12345101]

The Carnivorous Carnival

The Carnivorous CarnivalThe three Baudelaire orphans, Violet, Klaus, and Sunny, “follow” Count Olaf to The Caligari Carnival and discover that so many valuable secrets are hidden there.  They have to be careful, so they disguise themselves and meet the most weird and freakish people on the way.  With the help of a new friend, they find out more about the mysterious organization V.F.D., and even a secret or two about Count Olaf’s tattoo …

My favorite scene is when Violet, Klaus, and Sunny use Count Olaf’s disguise kit and make themselves unrecognizable.  They get a “freakish” job for a fortune teller and their pretend background story was funny.  [NewZealand<3kiwi]


CardboardThis book is about when a kid’s dad buys him some magic cardboard for his birthday. When they make a person out of the cardboard, it comes to life. I love how this book switches between different storylines and doesn’t just show one scene at once. Anyway, I would highly recommend reading this book, it is HILARIOUS. It makes you feel like you are in a movie yet you’re just reading a book. My favorite character is probably the cardboard boxer. He’s really funny.  [hashtag.hashbrown]

Dog Days

The family meets a former trouble-making friend of Rodrick who is now a model student after attending a military school known as Spag (or something) Union. After Greg watches other toddlers urinating in the pool, to his horror, the show begins with Greg speaking to the audience about summer and that he and Frank have nothing in common. But at least if he stays a step ahead, Greg claims, he will have a shot at a great summer. Greg lies to his father about having a job in the country club which was introduced by Rowly, his best friend.

The book is hilarious, especially the last part where Rodrick showed up, he made Holly’s sister disappointed by not wearing a certain clothing. She got disapointed because of his loaded diaper style.  [#yolo*]