The Well of Sacrifice

The Well of SacrificeDuring the ninth century, a girl named Eveningstar Mccaw must save her city from the evil influence of the HIgh Priest, Great Skull Zero. The High Priest has gone against the will of the gods, sacrificing his people and Eveningstar’s kind brother, Smoke Shell. It is up to Eveningstar to save her city from Great Skull Zero’s evil wrath.

This book was AMAZING! It took me forever to put it down. How could I with all of the dramatic twists, turns, and even pictures?! I’d suggest this book to anyone who wants a new kind of adventure in a somewhat unusual setting. The ending surprised me a little. The sneaky twists put in here and there really made it a good book. [Great Pancake Zero]

Finding My Place

The main character in the book is a girl named Tiphanie. Everybody says her name wrong. Her dad and mom move because they want Tiphanie to have a better educational experience.  I really liked the book because it explains what really happens when you switch to a new school. There were also some funny parts in the story, like on her first day of school. She got bumped into, called names, and talked about because she was African American and new.  [I Love JS!]

Fresh off the Boat

Vicenza doesn’t have the perfect life.  She’s an immigrant from the Philippines and just got to the USA.  Her BFF is in Manila (in the Philippines) and is named Peaches.  (I know!  Who names their daughter Peaches, like seriously!)  They email back and forth.  Peaches thinks that Vicenza has the perfect life.  At least that is what she writes …  [Text-A-Holic]

Romiette and Julio

romietteandjulio_1101An African American and a Hispanic get together by meeting in an online chat, and realize they go to the same school.  They fall for each other at first sight, but the hate-filled students of the school disagree with their relationship.  From gang threats they begin to be afraid.  Then they come up with a plan to bust the “family,” the gang at their school.  But not everything goes as planned, and they end up being kidnapped by the gang, finding themselves in the of a huge lake, facing Romiette’s biggest fear — drowning. Continue reading