Pretty Little Liars

Pretty Little LiarsThis book is about four girls – Aria, Spencer, Hannah and Emily. They try to find out who killed one of their friends, Alison. They get text messages from an anonymous person (“A”) who knows about their past and present.

My favorite scene is when Emily introduces herself to Maya, a girl who moved into Alison’s house. Well, I like this part because Maya smokes and then Emily says ‘no’ – DRAMA!  (Note: don’t smoke, it’s bad.)  Book 1 of the Pretty Little Liars series.  [im cool]

Cold Case

Cold CaseThis book is about a boy named Oz . He lived a pretty normal life, until he discovered a dead body in his restaurant the Chez Isabelle. He also finds out that his (dead) father was a traitor who was spilling secrets about nuclear weapons, and now  his brother is the prime suspect of the murder!

Overall the book was very interesting and a good mystery. My favorite part is when Oz and his friend Rusty break into a crime scene to try to find evidence against the police. [DoctorWho317]


FlawlessThis book may seem a little boring in the beginning, but when you get past the first three chapters it will be all you can think about. Spencer is in trouble!! She has something about her that just can’t seem to get Melissa a relationship that can last until her wedding day. Aria has an interesting taste in boyfriends, this will be worse than an F in science. Emily has a REALLY good rock to lean on because the everlasting love between her and Ben isn’t so everlasting. After years of being “Hefty Hanna,” is her addiction to looking flawless making her sick? You can find out more details about these girls and their seriously twisted lives in the Pretty Little Liars series. Also watch them every Tuesday in October at 8pm on ABC Family.

This book is awesome and suspenseful and exciting all at the same time. My favorite character is Spencer because if you take an average annoying little sister and multiply by ten, that is how Melissa feels, and Spencer does that without even trying.  Book 2 of the Pretty Little Liars series.  [little diva 1223]

The Kingdom Keepers

The Kingdom KeepersLawrence Finnegan “Finn” Whitman, Terrance Maybeck, Dell Philby, Charlene Turner, Isabella Willa Angelo – 5 average teenagers living in Orlando, Florida whose lives are about to get interesting. After they are chosen for the new Disney DHI program, holographic guides to tour people around the park, they start experiencing weird dreams that take place in the Disney parks. At least, they seem like dreams at first. They soon realize that their adventures at night are all but fake. With the help of a few friends and an old guy named Wayne, can they save the parks from the evil Overtakers?

I read the first book and was immediately obsessed with this series. There are so many twists and turns you can never see coming. This book combines adventure, drama, and humor into something amazing. This is a must-read!  [KKreader101]


EnvyThis is an intriguing story about a girl waiting for the right moment when the water in the bathtub gets too hot. Little did she know someone else was waiting for the right moment as well. A devastating death takes place. Her friends that are twins want to get to the bottom of the story, don’t judge a person by his/her look. The twins find that out in the end!

I loved this intriguing and solemn book that’s horror and mystery at the same time. My favorite part is the death. My favorite character is the mean girl because she makes the story interesting.  [Maya Mcswagger]

The Ear, the Eye, and the Arm book is about three children living in the year 2194. Their father is the chief of security in the country of Zimbabwe. He’s extremely paranoid about the children getting hurt. One day while looking for adventure, the kids escape from their father’s house. The chief and his wife are distraught and scared, so they call three detectives to find their children. The detectives are mutants with hyper-powerful senses. The kids are passed from criminal to criminal. Will they be found?

I thought this was an awesome book! I especially liked the detectives. They were so cool.  [detective II]