Money Sense for Kids

Money Sense for KidsThis book tells you some good advice on how to save money. It also tells what everything on the dollar bill means/stands for. For example, the capital E in the fancy circle on the face side of the bill is the “Federal Reserve district seal.” Bet you didn’t know that. It also tells you some old coins that are rare such as the “p nickel,” “wheat penny,” and the “3-legged buffalo nickel.” Very useful book.

I think this book was very very good. The title goes perfect with it. It tells you a lot of information about money, saving money, and how to open accounts, and it has some nice sources too.  [Electric12]

Do Not Open

Do Not OpenThis book has unusual facts not many people know, secret documents, and solved mysteries. It also includes a weird page with UFOs, agents and much more. If you get this book, my obvious warning is DO NOT OPEN!  The UFO page was my favorite because it has some funny stuff in it, like the secret agents who inspect what’s going on, and the alien spacecrafts.  [TMGamer131]

Classic Cars

Classic CarsDuring World War II, U.S. automakers switched from making cars to producing supplies for the war. The Chrysler factory made tanks. This book had a lot of pictures of cars that were built after the war up through the seventies. Ford sold more than 400,000 cars for the 1965 model year.

I learned a lot. I was surprised to learn that the internal combustion engines create power by burning a mixture of fuel and air. If you like cars, you should read this book.  [QQQ]


DK BasketballIn June of 2005, the type of ball used in the NBA was changed for the first time. It was now a leather ball. This book told about the history of basketball. It also talked about some of the greatest players and how to play the game. It showed all of the steps and rules. Readers will like this book since it gives a lot of information, including pictures.  [?]

Why the Cat Chose Us

Why the Cat Chose UsThis book tells about how cats were domesticated. It talks about cats in Egypt, and how there might even be earlier ones. This book shows pictures of many wild cats and tells how they’re similar to cats today. It explains how domestic cats are different from wild ones, along with the different breeds. I liked this book. It explained many characteristics of my pet cat that I didn’t understand. For example, you can find out why cats run around the house. It is fascinating.  [Captain Boofoo of the Pacific]