Money Sense for Kids

Money Sense for KidsThis book tells you some good advice on how to save money. It also tells what everything on the dollar bill means/stands for. For example, the capital E in the fancy circle on the face side of the bill is the “Federal Reserve district seal.” Bet you didn’t know that. It also tells you some old coins that are rare such as the “p nickel,” “wheat penny,” and the “3-legged buffalo nickel.” Very useful book.

I think this book was very very good. The title goes perfect with it. It tells you a lot of information about money, saving money, and how to open accounts, and it has some nice sources too.  [Electric12]

The Real Spy’s Guide to Becoming a Spy

This book is perfect for you if you want to become a spy.  It talks about veteran spies and what they did, different jobs you can have if you become a spy, and what you do if you are a spy. Personally, I want to be a case officer.  My favorite part is definitely the timeline of famous spy moves.  One of the best spy moves was when the Greeks gave the Trojans a gigantic wooden horse. They hid themselves inside it and then at night came out and attacted the Trojans.  [12345]