Classic Cars

Classic CarsDuring World War II, U.S. automakers switched from making cars to producing supplies for the war. The Chrysler factory made tanks. This book had a lot of pictures of cars that were built after the war up through the seventies. Ford sold more than 400,000 cars for the 1965 model year.

I learned a lot. I was surprised to learn that the internal combustion engines create power by burning a mixture of fuel and air. If you like cars, you should read this book.  [QQQ]

Why the Cat Chose Us

Why the Cat Chose UsThis book tells about how cats were domesticated. It talks about cats in Egypt, and how there might even be earlier ones. This book shows pictures of many wild cats and tells how they’re similar to cats today. It explains how domestic cats are different from wild ones, along with the different breeds. I liked this book. It explained many characteristics of my pet cat that I didn’t understand. For example, you can find out why cats run around the house. It is fascinating.  [Captain Boofoo of the Pacific]

How to Survive Anything

How to Survive AnythingThis book tells you everything that you need in order to survive anything. It also gives interesting facts. For example, Mauna Kea is the tallest volcano (30,000 ft.). This book was okay. Some of the things were dumb. One picture showed a kid about to surf on lava. There was also one kid, on the phone, sitting in a bathtub while flying a kite out the window when it was raining and lightning outside. Who would really do this? Common sense would tell you not to! There were other funny examples.  [??]

Surviving Stunts and Other Amazing Feats

Surviving Stunts and Other Amazing FeatsDaredevils are performing crazy stunts all over the world. For example, a guy ate metal and not normal food.
A karate instructor broke 8 bricks in half.  One of my favorite scenes was when a guy was free running. My favorite character is Juha-Mati Rasanen, who has superhuman strength. What surprised me was a guy that was water skiing with his feet and gripped the rope with his mouth. Danny Way jumped over the Great Wall of China while skateboarding.  [oooo]

A Farm Through Time

A Farm Through TimeThis is an informative book about a farm through the years. It shows pictures of the farm from the Middle Ages to the present day. It talks about the roles of different farm workers played, the clothes they wore, and how the surrounding countryside changed. Each page is illustrated with a different part of the farm.

This book was okay. It would have been better if each illustration was of the same part of the farm, instead of different parts. That way I could have seen the little differences over the years. Also, I didn’t like how it dragged out the Middle Ages, but skipped straight from 1900 to 2000 – I’m sure a lot of changes happened then. Overall this would be a good book for someone interested in history.  [rkd]

The Complete Dog Book for Kids

The Complete Dog Book for KidsIf you’re ready to welcome an adorable monster into your home, try checking out this book first. It has so much about every breed you can possibly think of. This book is amazing, one of the best breed guides out there. It has every breed and even information about care, measuring and dog show expectations. From sporting to herding, Affenpinscher to Yorkshire Terrier, this book is perfect for any dog lover!  [Unicorn Eating Rainbows]