Flesh and Blood So Cheap

Flesh and Blood So CheapOne day in 1911, students and visitors sat in a park. They were relaxing and calmly studying. No one knew that the worst workplace disaster was about to happen. This book tells about the Triangle Fire. I liked it a lot! It had a lot of interesting facts that I would have never known if I hadn’t read this book. It was sad because of the tragedy.  [I Luv Queen]

Pyramids and Mummies

pyramidsandmummiesThe Egyptians believed they lived in the best land in the world. They believed the spirit could live forever if the body was mummified. My favorite section was about making a mummy. I also liked how they dressed the dead. The book was interesting because it had a lot of pictures. Someone who likes history would also like this book. Also, one of the most interesting parts of the book was about the animal mummies.  [Mexican lover]

World War II

Eyewitness World War IIIn this book one can learn everything about World War II. It tells about the Manhattan Project (a.k.a. the making of the atomic bomb) to the German Panzers.  I thought it was a good review of World War II. It talked all about the basics of the war in detail. It also had really cool pictures of weapons and other things used in the war. You should definitely check out this book if you want to know more about WWII.  [Changes are great]