Cal Ripken Jr., Quiet Hero

Cal Ripken Jr., Quiet HeroLois Nicholson wrote a wonderful book on Cal Ripken Jr.’s life. The first chapter is about the 1991 All-Star game in Toronto, Canada. That was the year he won the Homerun Derby. The book goes on to talk about his young life and his early years in the minor leagues, all the way up to 1993 in the major league. The book also includes his MLB career statistics.

I really enjoyed this book about Cal Ripken Jr. It explained how he used to go to the ballpark with his dad. It also described his minor league career and other interesting facts about him. I honestly feel that this book could not have had any more information about Cal’s life and career. I suggest this book to all O’s fans.  [ AGA]

Yummy: The Last Days of a Southside Shorty

Yummy: The Last Days of a Southside ShortyThere is a boy named Robert and his nickname is Yummy. He  joins a gang with the initials BDN. The leader gives Robert a gun. He accidentally kills a girl. Robert is on the run from the cops. The gang members move him from house to house. His gang becomes tired of moving him, so they take him into an alley. Do they kill him?

This is a very good book. It teaches you a lesson.  [I Love Ravens]

Anne Frank and the Children of the Holocaust

This is an awesome book about Anne Frank. If you haven’t heard of her, she is a girl about our age (middle school).  She lives a pretty normal life, almost similar to ours, with middle school drama, relationship troubles – all 0f that. But then World War II starts to affect her family.  Anne and her family, along with another family and a single man, go into hiding in a secret apartment-like wing of Anne’s dads work. She suffers from boredom, sometimes hunger, quarreling with people who live there, in particular, her mom. Then she starts to have a crush on the other family’s son, Peter. They are getting supplies from three people who are Christian and shop for them.

I like this story, but even at happy points, I know they get killed which pretty much sets a grim mood for the whole book. It’s interesting to see World War II from an actual persons point of view, let alone someone my age. It’s much more appealing than just a book full of facts. I would recommend this book to anyone, especially a middle school kid. It really makes you stop and think, “Wow, I’m really blessed in my life.” [bananapeel_42]

Walter Dean Myers: Writer for Real Teens

Walter Dean Myers: Writer for Real TeensWalter Dean Myers talked about how life was hard and things were good in the old days.  He talked about his time in the military as a radio repairman.  He talked about how he wrote books like Slam and and how he played basketball in his down time.

I thought this book was okay.  It started out boring, like when he was in school and gets suspended.  Eventually, it was more interesting when he talked about how he wrote books and played basketball.  [master37400]

Harriet Tubman

harriettubmanThis book would be great for anyone wanting to learn about the true life of Harriet Tubman or a great historical figure.  While Harriet was young, as a slave, she had a tragic life and got switched around from place to place a lot of times.  Her owner kept getting her back after the people who had bought her kept sending complaints.  She sometimes got separated from her family.

At one point in her life, Harriet met John Tubman and they decided to get married.  John was not a slave, unlike Harriet.  Afterwards, Harriet hired a lawyer to find out she was still legally a slave.  After a while, they found out that she was never supposed to be a slave, yet she still had to be one. Continue reading