UnlockedDo you know how it feels to be Mr. Clean’s son? Andy does, or shall I say Clean Junior. Poor Andy doesn’t have any friends until one day a once-was popular kid named Blake befriends him. They have fun times until the rumors become true. All throughout his school there have been rumors that Blake kept a gun in his locker. After Andy’s friendship began he never believed these rumors, until Blake pulled out the sleek black gun out of his pocket. What will happen?

I loved this book because of the suspense. You think you know what will happen, but there’s a sudden twist. I loved this book, and you will too!  [Rocky158]

Time You Let Me In: 25 Poets Under 25

Time You Let Me InThis book is filled with poems by writers under twenty-five years of age. The poems are about childhood, loved ones, and life.  One poem I really liked was “as far back as I can remember” by Jonah Ogles. It was my favorite.  I really liked this book of poetry because the poets were all young. I really related to some of them. All of the poems were really well written.  [courtney bourtney]

What My Mother Doesn’t Know

whatmymotherdoesntknowA girl and her friends are having boy troubles. The main character thinks she loves someone, but finds out the hard way that she doesn’t. There is a boy who is not very popular at all, and a lot of people pick on him. The girl goes to a school dance and dances with a masked man. The dance is magical! Who is the masked man?

I really loved this book. It is  an easy read and it is cute. I think it is a book for girls. I do not suggest that boys read it, unless you’re into the romantic, sappy books.  [Hot Koolaid]

Chess Rumble

chessrumbleMarcus wanted his dad to play chess with him, and his dad kept on telling him it was a man’s game, are you ready?  His sister died and his dad left, and Marcus became the man of the house.  Then he got in a lot of fights.  He got beat up one day and his mom was going to yell at him when he got in the house.  Then all his mom could do was to walk up and hold him.  But Marcus and his mom got into a fight, and then he almost hit her.  A guy at his school taught him a lesson and he never got in fights again.

I liked this book because it could help kids know how to treat people.  [zaire]

Out of the Dust

Out of the DustThis book is about a girl named Billie Jo who lived back in 1934 when the Dust Bowl was occurring.  Billie Jo’s mom and brother die.  She has to learn how to adjust to living with just her dad.  Things can get very quiet between those two.

This was a good book because it had a lot of detail.  Also, the book was full of poems.  However, I didn’t like that it was so sad. Overall this was a great book!  [choochoo567]