Project 17

Project 17Have you heard the rumors? Did you watch the video?

What video, you ask? What rumors? Well a group of kids, kids you’d never think would look at each other, get together to film a video. Now Derik needs this video so he can win a contest and become a hit filmmaker. Greta and Tony, the theatre geeks and love birds, are in it for the experience. Ms. Goody-Two-Shoes, Liza, has to go just to get into the only college her parents want her to go to, Harvard. Chet the class clown goes … for the thrills. And Mimi, she’s the Goth, the no-friends loser, and all she wants is to find out about her grandmother … and gets more. They discover the spirit of Christine Bell haunting them, and find horrifying secrets that will leave you wiping the sweat off your brow.

I really liked this book. It was full of suspense, and every time someone screamed you would jump yourself as if you were actually in the book. The only thing that bothered me was that a couple of chapters were told from one person’s viewpoint, then it suddenly changed into someone else’s, so I got confused often. Don’t let that stop you, though; read it!  [Rocky158]

The Persistence of Memory

Persistence of MemorySchizophrenic Erin thinks she is going insane, again.  But no: she really does have an alter ego.  She is a real person who likes to take over.

I loved this book.  The author did an awesome job of telling the story.  When reading the book, I thought I actually was the main character.  I didn’t like that she kept changing who was doing the narrating.  Although it was cool, it got annoying because you didn’t know who was narrating.  [VampsRock420]