Miki Falls 2: Summer

Miki Falls 2: SummerSince Miki is now in on what Hiro’s BIG secret is, she helps him out with his work. Then she realizes he is spying on her friend, Yumi. She tries to keep it a secret, and she does, but it becomes a challenge throughout the book. It’s now Hiro’s birthday and usually she is supposed to call him before she comes over, but then his present wouldn’t be a surprise. So she goes and knocks on his door, but when Hiro opens the door he steps out with a girl. Will this girl tear Miki and Hiro apart?

This book is great, but I suggest you read Miki Falls 1: Spring first, otherwise this one will be very confusing. I love this book cause it’s a short little read. I am going to read the other two books in this series, Miki Falls Autumn and Winter.  [pixiestix123]

The Cupid War

The Cupid WarRicky Fallon has died by accidental suicide. He slipped off a bridge – at first he was going to jump, but he changed his mind and turned to get off, then slipped on his phone. When he died he thought he was going to heaven, but he met this angelic-like person and, well, the thing he said was funny but messed up. Anyways, Fallon has to repay his debt by becoming a Cupid, and he meets some people along the way and this mortal girl (human but of course you knew that) who can hear him and sense him. He finds out about these things called Suicides, and he has to stop them but can’t do it alone.

My favorite part was when he walked into the girls’ shower room and got caught by his friend. This book was interesting, the characters were funny, and the language was nothing I haven’t heard before, but you might not want any younger siblings looking into some parts. Awesome book, I loved it.  [beviediva]

Miki Falls 1: Spring

Miki Falls 1: SpringThis is about a girl, Miki, who sees a new kid, Hiro, come into town. She knows he is hiding a deep dark secret. Miki and her friend try to be nice but he shuts everyone out. One day Hiro walks her home, but it starts raining so they go to his house instead. While Miki is changing, the basement door creaks open, she peeks down the stairs and Hiro closes the door. She then spends all her free time stalking him. Finally Miki gets to learn his secret.

This book is the best graphic novel I have read so far. Miki is my favorite character because she is very determined. I will definitely read Miki Falls: Summer, Autumn, and Winter.  [pixiestix123]

Access Denied

Access DeniedIf you have ever been embarrassed or liked someone that doesn’t like you back, this is the perfect story to read. Erin is a girl who has a very protective mother and father. To Erin she thinks her parents treat her like a baby – until she breaks one of her parents’ rules and goes to a party. Worst night of her life. Erin gets picked on at times but gets advice from one of her favorite teachers.

My favorite part of the story is the resolution. I like it when stories have happy endings. Erin and the boy of her dreams are finally together. They had to go through some pretty tough times to realize how much they really liked each other.  [Mr. Top_Of_The_Line21]

Daughter of Xanadu

Daughter of XanaduThink Mulan.  Emmajin, granddaughter of the great Genghis Khan, can out-fight her brothers.  More than anything she wants to join the army, but it’s forbidden for women.  The Khan gives her a more important assignment – to gather information from Marco Polo, a merchant from Italy, so the Mongols can learn what they need to know to conquer Europe.  But Marco Polo is a handsome sweet talker, and things get steamy!  Can Emmajin betray the man she’s falling in love with?  Can she betray her Khan?

I read this book because the Mongols were a fierce war machine, and I wanted lots of action.  Yes, there’s blood and body parts … but I didn’t expect Emmajin to spend so much time wondering how it would feel to stroke her fingers across Marco’s hairy chest.  Bleuch, too much for me, you might like it if you’re into that sort of thing.  At least the war scene near the end in was intense.  Emmajin is vicious!  [Free Pizza]


ParadiseThis story is about a girl named Paisley Tilery who lives in Texas. Paisley has had a dream ever since she was a little girl – to go to Texapoolaza, where you perform your talent in front of a big audience. Paisley is a drummer in a band. Mrs. Tilery is very protective over Paisley and her sister Lacey. All their mom wants for them is to have the best education. They don’t think that. Both Lacey and Paisley have to hide what they want to do because they’re afraid their mom won’t approve. Already Paisley has to hide to her mom that she’s a drummer. Lacey has to hide that she wants to go to cosmetology school. Her mom wants her to be a singer. Paisley’s life changes when they get a new lead singer for the band.

My favorite character from the story is the dad. He was very understanding even though he knew about Paisley and the band. Mr. Tilery would cover for Paisley whenever she was late coming home from her band practicing. Mrs. Tilery was the only person who didn’t know about Paisley being a drum player. Mr. Tilery was the type of person who would let his daughters tell the truth to their mother. That’s what Paisley and Lacey had to do.  [Unicorn123]