Fear: 13 Stories of Suspense and HorrorOne of the short stories in this magnificent book is called ‘Welcome to the Club’ – it’s about how jokes can sometimes turn into the real thing and things start to get crazy. A normal teenaged boy sets up a prank with a member of a group called ‘The Killers’ and they pretend to kill someone until a joke turns into a serious murder.

Frankly, this book was awesome. I enjoyed every single detail about it. Not only was it creepy, it’s also a great book to share and chat about with your friends. My favorite short story in the book was called ‘The Perfects.’ That really scared the sweat out of me! I highly recommend this book to all of you guys. Especially if you plan on reading it in the dark with your friends.  [Chess_Horse]

Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark

Scary Stories to Tell in the DarkWell there are a lot of different stories in this book! Some stories will scare you out of your pants, ha ha! All types of TRUE  stories, and some are poems that some people say are nothing, others aren’t so sure …

I love this one story, “The Viper.”  It’s funny at the end, but at the beginning an old lady gets 3 phone calls from a guy who says, “This is the viper, I’m coming up.” The last phone call, she calls the police and they said they were coming. So then the door knocks and she thinks it’s the police! Find out what happens next by reading this book!  [hunnybunny]

Pick-Up Game: A Full Day of Full Court

Pick-up Game: A Full Day of Full CourtCaesar,Waco, ESPN, Nique, and Shane play basketball at the West 4th Street court known as “The Cage” in New York City. Some TV people come and they get into a debate about who gets to use the court. They play against each other to see who gets it.  My favorite character is Waco because he is quiet, but interesting. I liked it when Caesar got mad at Waco and punched and slapped him in the face.   [KJ]

Strange Happenings: Five Tales of Transformation

Strange HappeningsThis book has a variety of stories. One is about a boy switching souls with a cat, claiming his life is boring. The second one is about a queen who claims to be beautiful, but she is really nothing. She has been an illusion to men. The third story is about a  child curious about the mascot of an alien. Who was under the suit? The fourth story is of a shoemaker who cheats on a deal with the devil. In the final story, a man that is cruel to his parents because of greed, hunts down the golden bird.

What I liked about this book is that it adds a twist ending to every story. In the end of the first story, the boy [OMITTED] and was attempting to [OMITTED]. I would recommend this book to people who are often curious and want to know what happens, especially when it is unexpected.  [Sonny123]