UgliesNew Pretty Town is a city that follows the high-life luxury of all-night parties with the latest technology. Your job there is just to have fun. In three months, Tally Youngblood will be there with her best friend, Peris and her other friends. All she can think of is being pretty until Tally meets a girl named Shay. Shay doesn’t want to be pretty. Tally ignores it until Shay runs away to a place called Smoke. When Tally meets the leaders of Smoke, they tell her the real truth about being pretty. Now that Tally knows the truth, will she keep the secret?  Or will she tell everyone the truth and risk being an ugly for the rest of her life?

I really liked this book. I have a thing for science fiction stories. If you liked The Hunger Games, then you will certainly enjoy this book!  [??]


DivergentA lot of high schoolers freak out because they have to take a test to decide which society group they are in. It’s similar to The Hunger Games. The main character of the story was worried the most because after the test she still wasn’t in a group. She was a special kid in the divergent group, which is very rare. For the rest of the book, she has the challenge of not telling anyone because she can’t … “or else.”

My favorite part was when a girl was taking the test. She had to pick between a knife and a piece of cheese. Her reaction was funny because her look was how you would look when your friend is making no sense. I highly recommend this book to read.  [XYZ]

Dark Life

Dark LifeIn a somewhat post-apocalyptic world, where global warming has taken full effect, people are crowded into places like the Colorado Islands. Some pioneers have begun to live underwater. This book is about the escapades of a boy named Ty who lives in the underworld. The symbolism in the story is very interesting. The action in the story is very good as well.  [Sam Kin]


VariantSeventy kids are in a school that has no escape! It is a prison, and they are stuck there forever. Detention equals death. The main character is Benson. This book is action-packed! It is awesome and has great drama. I liked how it is written in modern times, it’s not ancient at all. It had a lot of sad themes as well. It was really emotional. Pick it up now to read!  [Mimo 123d]


LeviathanIt’s World War I, and Europe has been divided into Clankers and Darwinists. Clankers rely on steam powered airships, while Darwinists create airships out of  fabricated animals. The story switches between Aleksandar Ferdinand and Deryn Sharp. Aleksandar is the prince of the Austrian-Hungarian Empire. However, he is thrown aboard a machine in the middle of the night and told to run. After his parents’ death, his own people want nothing more than his death. In comparison, Deryn Sharp is living the life of an airman in training aboard the Leviathan. Well, she isn’t exactly an airman. Deryn is a commoner in disguise, preferring the risks of the air instead of the safety of the ground. When the two meet, chaos ensues and war looms closer.

I have to say that I really loved this book. I’ve only read a little bit of sci-fi up to this point, but this was good enough to make me want to get the sequel. The points of view switch seamlessly. The author has such a good tone. He really makes you feel like you’re in the story. Get this book! But not the sequel … that’s mine!  Book One of the Leviathan Trilogy.  [Wild Pancake]


airman1Conor has always been fascinated with flight. He was born on a hot air balloon and lives in the time of the race to flight. He and his tutor, Victor Vigny, work hard to win the race. Luckily they are friends of the king of their country, the Saltees. They get funding for the science. Everything seems fine for the Aviators. Right? But a marshall, Bonvilion, kills Victor and the king. Conor sees it happen and Bonvilion catches him. Bonvilion takes Conor to the harsh Little Saltee Prison. Conor’s future does not look good. Can he survive at this prison and save the Saltees from Bonvilion?

I thought this was a great book. I could not put it down. It was so, so good! I especially liked Victor Vigny, the French aviator.  [duct tape man 11]