Football Hero

Football HeroA boy named Ty who basically gets recruited by the spring football coach. Ty wants to be like his older brother who is a famous football player. When Ty asks his uncle if he can play, Uncle Gus tells him, “No!” Then Lucy starts asking about Thane, the older brother. Read this book to find out why Ty has to save them.  The Football Hero was very entertaining, I highly recommend it. Of course it’s about sports.  [EERR]

Wild Card

Wild CardThere are two twin brothers named Tiki and Ronde Barber. Both of them play on the football team for their school. The team does very well. Most of their wins are from field goals. Then, the kicker got bad grades and can’t play. The coach finds out that Ronde can kick. Ronde makes a lot of field goals, but in the semi-finals Ronde missed the game winner. He was really sad. Tiki cheered him up.

This was a good book. It taught me about the “heart” of a team. It’s more than just playing to win. I also learned about Tiki’s brotherly love.  [???]


DK BasketballIn June of 2005, the type of ball used in the NBA was changed for the first time. It was now a leather ball. This book told about the history of basketball. It also talked about some of the greatest players and how to play the game. It showed all of the steps and rules. Readers will like this book since it gives a lot of information, including pictures.  [?]

Pick-Up Game: A Full Day of Full Court

Pick-up Game: A Full Day of Full CourtCaesar,Waco, ESPN, Nique, and Shane play basketball at the West 4th Street court known as “The Cage” in New York City. Some TV people come and they get into a debate about who gets to use the court. They play against each other to see who gets it.  My favorite character is Waco because he is quiet, but interesting. I liked it when Caesar got mad at Waco and punched and slapped him in the face.   [KJ]