The Red Pyramid

The Red Pyramid The Red Pyramid is about 2 kids, Sadie and Carter Kane, who find out that they are related to 2 pharaohs. They also find out that they are hosts to gods. Sadie is hosting Isis and Carter is hosting Horus. They have to defeat an evil god named Set so they can get their father back, whom Set took.

I liked the scene where Carter and Sadie found out they were hosting gods. This is a really good book and I suggest it to anybody who like books about magic stuff.  [∏]

The Cupid War

The Cupid WarRicky Fallon has died by accidental suicide. He slipped off a bridge – at first he was going to jump, but he changed his mind and turned to get off, then slipped on his phone. When he died he thought he was going to heaven, but he met this angelic-like person and, well, the thing he said was funny but messed up. Anyways, Fallon has to repay his debt by becoming a Cupid, and he meets some people along the way and this mortal girl (human but of course you knew that) who can hear him and sense him. He finds out about these things called Suicides, and he has to stop them but can’t do it alone.

My favorite part was when he walked into the girls’ shower room and got caught by his friend. This book was interesting, the characters were funny, and the language was nothing I haven’t heard before, but you might not want any younger siblings looking into some parts. Awesome book, I loved it.  [beviediva]

Clockwork Angel

Clockwork AngelTessa travels to London from America in search of her older brother Nate, and with his slight addiction to alcohol it was no mystery he vanished. When her boat docks, she is greeted by “The Dark Sisters” – at least, that’s what Tessa calls them. Ms. Dark and Ms. Black lure her in with a promise that Nate sent them to get her. They lied. The Dark Sisters imprisoned Nate and are using Tessa and her ‘gift’ as they call it to please a notorious man called “The Magister.” When a mysterious boy named Will enters her life, Tessa must learn to get along with him, control her newfound gift, and find her brother.

This book takes place in the 16th century and is a prequel to The Mortal Instruments series. I was immediately taken in when Will’s character entered the story. His constant use of sarcasm and witty personality keep the book alive with humor. You should give this book a look.  [NeonREADer101]


GhostopolisIf you liked Cardboard you’ll love Ghostopolis. It’s about a boy named Mark who has an incurable disease, though instead of focusing on the deadly future ahead of him, he wants to know more about the past – specifically his grandfather whose life was shut.  Mark was my favorite character since he had the coolest super powers, which tie into the end of the story.  [TinkerTime13]

Scarlett Dedd

Scarlett DeddScarlett Dedd is actually DEAD. She accidentally killed herself to escape her outdoor ed trip. But, she needs to find a way to change her afterlife.    My favorite parts are when they show Scarlett’s blogposts. The writer actually put the blogposts online. The link is only in the book!  [mm]

The Kingdom Keepers

The Kingdom KeepersLawrence Finnegan “Finn” Whitman, Terrance Maybeck, Dell Philby, Charlene Turner, Isabella Willa Angelo – 5 average teenagers living in Orlando, Florida whose lives are about to get interesting. After they are chosen for the new Disney DHI program, holographic guides to tour people around the park, they start experiencing weird dreams that take place in the Disney parks. At least, they seem like dreams at first. They soon realize that their adventures at night are all but fake. With the help of a few friends and an old guy named Wayne, can they save the parks from the evil Overtakers?

I read the first book and was immediately obsessed with this series. There are so many twists and turns you can never see coming. This book combines adventure, drama, and humor into something amazing. This is a must-read!  [KKreader101]

Dark Eden

Dark EdenWill Besting is a normal teenage boy in high school, sort of. He has an extreme fear. He and 7 other kids his age are summoned to a place called Fort Eden. So what will happen to Will and all of his friends in a combination of fear, love and mysteries at Fort Eden?

I love the character Marissa, one of the 3 girls at Fort Eden. She is outgoing, smart, and may have a secret admirer that might not be so secret. I don’t want to say too much though!  [SUPER-NUGGET-PIE:-)]