GhostopolisIf you liked Cardboard you’ll love Ghostopolis. It’s about a boy named Mark who has an incurable disease, though instead of focusing on the deadly future ahead of him, he wants to know more about the past – specifically his grandfather whose life was shut.  Mark was my favorite character since he had the coolest super powers, which tie into the end of the story.  [TinkerTime13]

Scarlett Dedd

Scarlett DeddScarlett Dedd is actually DEAD. She accidentally killed herself to escape her outdoor ed trip. But, she needs to find a way to change her afterlife.    My favorite parts are when they show Scarlett’s blogposts. The writer actually put the blogposts online. The link is only in the book!  [mm]

The Doll in the Garden: A Ghost Story

The Doll in the Garden: A Ghost StoryAshley and her mother have just moved to a new property after her father died, even though Monkton Mill technically belongs to their elderly neighbor, Miss Cooper, who hates cats. While playing outside, Ash and Kristi discover a garden. Throughout the story, while exploring the garden, they find a white cat and a mysterious doll. Kristi tells her a very scary story. Ashley now believes that the garden is haunted.

I really enjoyed this book. I recommend it to anyone who likes ghost or suspense stories. My favorite character was Ashley because she did the same things I would have done during most of the situations.  [X]

The Poisoned House

The Poisoned HouseYou won’t get scolded. You won’t get a beating. Death seems like a reasonable choice in Greaver Hall. A lot of it has been going on there. Fourteen-year-old Abi suffers a day-to-day basis of work and boredom. The housekeeper, Mrs. Lillian Cotton, is strict and uptight, so why not have a little fun? Maybe trick her into thinking her dead sister’s ghost is haunting her. But when the prank goes too far, a different spirit visits the house – one with no good intention.

This book was amazing, great, spectacular! I loved it so much, and the ending, oh the ending! It was shocking, a major twist. Like a giant crescendo in a great musical piece, it ended with a big bang. I highly recommend this book. The writing style and words make it seem like the reader is in the late 1800s. I loved it, so should you!


WavesHal is a fifteen-year-old boy whose sister, Charlie, was in a terrible accident. He can hear her in spirit. He meets Jackie who is Pete’s younger sister. Pete was Charlie’s old boyfriend. Hal thinks Pete has something to do with her accident.

I found this book to be full of suspense. It kept me reading all the way to the end. The mysteriousness of who caused Charlie’s accident was very intriguing. I also thought how nice it was that Hal was very concerned for his sister.  [wil7001]