The Red Pyramid

The Red Pyramid The Red Pyramid is about 2 kids, Sadie and Carter Kane, who find out that they are related to 2 pharaohs. They also find out that they are hosts to gods. Sadie is hosting Isis and Carter is hosting Horus. They have to defeat an evil god named Set so they can get their father back, whom Set took.

I liked the scene where Carter and Sadie found out they were hosting gods. This is a really good book and I suggest it to anybody who like books about magic stuff.  [∏]

The Kingdom Keepers

The Kingdom KeepersLawrence Finnegan “Finn” Whitman, Terrance Maybeck, Dell Philby, Charlene Turner, Isabella Willa Angelo – 5 average teenagers living in Orlando, Florida whose lives are about to get interesting. After they are chosen for the new Disney DHI program, holographic guides to tour people around the park, they start experiencing weird dreams that take place in the Disney parks. At least, they seem like dreams at first. They soon realize that their adventures at night are all but fake. With the help of a few friends and an old guy named Wayne, can they save the parks from the evil Overtakers?

I read the first book and was immediately obsessed with this series. There are so many twists and turns you can never see coming. This book combines adventure, drama, and humor into something amazing. This is a must-read!  [KKreader101]


TornJonah and Kathryn are stuck in 1611. When they lose contact with JB, they’re stuck in 1611 with NO help!  Jonah has to act as Henry Hudson. I thought it was AWESOME!  It was the best out of the Missing series. I really like how the author creates A LOT of suspense and cliff hangers! I can’t wait until the next book!!  Book 4 of the Missing series.  [mimo123d]

The Wizard Heir

The Wizard HeirSeph always got expelled from the schools he attended because of “accidents.” His caretaker sends him to Havens, a school for troubled kids. Seph soon finds out that it’s a cult. He must decide whether to join.  I really didn’t really like it. It wasn’t interesting to me until the very end of the story.  [Yahoo!!]

Where the Mountain Meets the Moon

Where the Mountain Meets the MoonA girl named Minli wanted to meet a man called The Old Man of the Moon to ask how to change her family’s poor fortune. On her way to Never Ending Mountain where he lives, she meets some good friends and a flightless dragon, too.

I loved this book. Maybe it’s my new favorite. It’s filled with great details. Once you start to read, you can’t stop – you just want to know what happens next! The dragon wants to learn how to fly and Minli wants to change her parents’ poor fortune. When she found the Old Man of the Moon, she could only ask one question  [Joyful 44B]

The Garden of Eve

The Garden of EveThe story is sort of sad in the beginning. The girl’s mother dies; she and her father move to an almost spooky, yet comforting area. Evy and her friend go on an adventure to another dimension. There is a mystery that they are trying to solve. There is a complete surprise at the end that you would never expect. (I know I didn’t).

I think this is a really, really good book. In my opinion, this is my favorite book. I highly recommend that you read it.  [X]