The Compound

The CompoundIn this book a kid and his million dollar family have to hide in a compound. Since his family owns it they run to it right when the fallout happens, but his twin brother sadly didn’t make it – he had asthma and ran back with the grandma to get his medicine, but they didn’t make it back. Since there was no internet he wouldn’t talk to the outside, but he got an internet signal.

The food supply started to run out so they had to eat what was behind the yellow door. Was his dad psycho or was there really a fallout?  [sWooZie]

How to Survive Anything

How to Survive AnythingThis book tells you everything that you need in order to survive anything. It also gives interesting facts. For example, Mauna Kea is the tallest volcano (30,000 ft.). This book was okay. Some of the things were dumb. One picture showed a kid about to surf on lava. There was also one kid, on the phone, sitting in a bathtub while flying a kite out the window when it was raining and lightning outside. Who would really do this? Common sense would tell you not to! There were other funny examples.  [??]

The Killing Sea

The Killing SeaAcehnese Ruslan is at home getting ready to leave. All of a sudden, it hits – water starts coming in and flooding the whole house, the whole village! Acehnese cannot find his father. He heads to the hill villages to search for him. On the way, he meets a girl named Sarah, her sick brother, some rebels, and a long-lost uncle.

This was a touching story. It make me sad to think that you could lose your family in a single day. In the book I hated how the media wouldn’t leave Sarah alone to mourn, cry, and take care of her brother.  [ZZZZZZ]

Surviving Extreme Sports

Surviving Extreme SportsThe athletes are daredevils that survive many different kinds of stunts. One example, balancing on a powerline, is just one of the stunts. Keep in mind that these daredevils are professionals and have lots of experience. I liked this book because it has so many cool stunts. The book also has pictures that show what the athletes are doing. It is a pretty exciting book!  [anonymous]

The Drop

The DropIn the beginning Alex, Hope, Bryce, and Dave are training to become Backcountry Patrollers, a group of snowboarders. They learn from a man named Sam, who was one of the best snowboarders in the world. Bryce smartly planned to kidnap himself. He was trying to show his father that he could be like his very famous brothers. Alex and Hope go off looking for him. Later they figure out that Bryce was actually kidnapped and try to rescue him. Is Bryce safe in the end? Do Alex and Hope become Backcountry Patrollers?

I found the story to be very interesting and clever. My favorite character was Hope. She was brave, smart, and sometimes clumsy. There was also a pretty sad secret shared by Sam. My favorite scene was the ending.  [carebear 443]

Surviving Stunts and Other Amazing Feats

Surviving Stunts and Other Amazing FeatsDaredevils are performing crazy stunts all over the world. For example, a guy ate metal and not normal food.
A karate instructor broke 8 bricks in half.  One of my favorite scenes was when a guy was free running. My favorite character is Juha-Mati Rasanen, who has superhuman strength. What surprised me was a guy that was water skiing with his feet and gripped the rope with his mouth. Danny Way jumped over the Great Wall of China while skateboarding.  [oooo]


TrappedA huge blizzard hits a small high school in New England. Scotty, Jason, and Pete are three of the seven kids who decide to stay after school, realizing they will never get picked up. Snow has now piled above the first floor of the high school. Worst yet, they lose power and heat, the pipes in the bathroom freeze, and it’s getting darker and colder by the minute. The seven students adapt for survival, but have to make a fateful decision …

I liked this book a lot! Sometimes I would think about what I would do in this kind of situation. If you look closely at each chapter, the snow in the background gets higher and higher as the book goes on. I thought that was really cool.  [MultiTalentedNerd:P]

The Worst-Case Scenario Survival Handbook

The Worst-Case Scenario Survival HandbookAre you a risk-taker? Adventurer? A normal person stuck in a hard-to-handle situation? This book shows the steps you’ll need to survive – steps I would never have thought of doing for some situations. The most shocking ones are how to wrestle alligators, jump onto a moving train, and defuse a bomb. I recommend this book to travelers, adventurers, and people who are curious about how things work.  [I Luv Queen]

Life As We Knew It

lifeasweknewit_110Miranda and her family (and the whole world) learn just what can happen when there’s a global crisis, and discover how much they’ll sacrifice for survival … or death.

This book, despite how depressing the events are, keeps the reader interested with Miranda’s personal opinions and humor. I read this book from front to back in just a few days. That’s how well it was written. Only read this book if you can stand to hear a lot about death. No one knows how bad a meteor can be until it destroys life as we know it.  [Cratos17]