SwitchedNicole is a regular teenager, she has a boyfriend and a best friend and a horrible day. So far her bf dumped her and she had an afterschool “chat” with Mr. Frost (her biology teacher) because she didn’t write her biology paper. Now she sees her best friend so they explain their days – turns out they’re both not having a good day, so Lucy (her best friend) suggests that they switch bodies. Lucy takes her to the changing wall and they switch bodies. Now Nicole goes to Lucy’s house and finds Lucy’s parents slashed and the murder weapon in Lucy’s room with a note that says “I had to kill them, I couldn’t take it anymore. – Lucy.”  Nicole sees so many other deaths. Will it ever end? Will she get her body back? The ending twists your mind!

I love this book, it was surprising. I loved the sad part where Margie dies by the shot put to her head. I only love that part because that’s when Nicole has everything put together. You should read it if you like suspense and, well, gruesome details.  [beviediva]


ErebosTeenager Nick notices that a disc has been passed around the school. He thinks it’s a music CD, but once he gets a hold of it, he finds that it’s a MMORPG (Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game) which the “Messager” runs. Nick thinks it’s an awesome game, but there are rules that if you break, your character won’t be the only one in danger.

1. ALWAYS play alone
2. NEVER talk about the game
3. NEVER tell your nickname
4. ALWAYS follow the Messager’s direction

And one more thing: To level up, you need to do quests. REALITY quests. In return, the game levels you up, and gives you what you want in real life.  It’s a game, it watches you …

Nick is my favorite character. Smart and resourceful, he gets the job done, but sadly, he breaks the rules of the game, and mysteriously can never play it again …  [JoelFromTheLastOfUs]


StormbreakerFourteen-year-old Alex is extremely athletic, very smart, and has great instincts. His uncle is his best friend. Little does Alex know that his uncle is hiding a secret that can get him killed. This was a very good book. It was one of the most exciting books that I have ever read. Almost every page was action-packed! This book is a must read.  [NNDD]

Girl, Stolen

Girl, StolenCheyenne Wilder is staying by herself in her stepmom’s car for just a few minutes while her stepmom is getting something inside a building. Suddenly someone steals the car. On the road the thief realizes that Cheyenne is in the back. Cheyenne is taken on a dangerous adventure of being kidnapped. The adventure is even more dangerous because she has pneumonia and is blind.

This is a fantastic book! Don’t let the cover deceive you and make you think that it is scary. It’s actually a brilliant story. Plans and techniques used by the characters in the story were constantly surprising me. For some reason, the story just hypnotized me! A lot of other people who have read the book feel the same way.  [meow person]

Spy Goddess 2: Quest for the Lance

Spy Goddess 2Rachel is sent to a strange school really far from home. The school has a creepy principal who follows people around. Rachel never dreamed that the school would only bring her more trouble.

I loved this book because it was surprising and fast-paced. I liked it so much that I read it in one day. I couldn’t stop reading! This book kind of has a mystery theme in it, but it’s also about a teenage girl’s life. So it would be best for girls who enjoy mystery and adventure books to read it. It reminded me of I’d Tell You I Love You, But I’d Have to Kill You. It was great!  [Guitar Star]

The Maze Runner

The Maze RunnerImagine an sprawling maze, miles and miles across, with stone walls a hundred feet high.  Fill it with terrifying creatures, half animal, half machine, with blades and needles for appendages.  Now add 50 teenage boys with no memory of their past.  Voila – you’ve got The Maze Runner.  Who created the maze?  Will any boys survive the monstrous Griever attacks?  Is there a way out?

I found this a fun read, primarily for the unique setting of the maze.  It’s sort of a cross between Ender’s Game and Lord of the Flies, with some horror and gore thrown in.  The teens have developed their own lingo, which can become annoying, and a few key points near the end were predictable.  Still, the suspense is maintained throughout, making it a quick page-turner.  Our Media Center also has the sequel, The Scorch Trials.  [Mr. Hobson]