WonderAugust has a facial deformity that prevents him from going to primary school up until 5th grade, and whatever you think he looks like, it’s probably worse. Then in 5th grade at Breecher Prep, he gets gossiped about a lot. I like the style of picking different characters for each chapter. My favorite scene is when he goes on a field trip. This was the best book I’ve read since Stargirl! This book reminds me of myself.  [the_only_word_to_describe_me_is_swag]


TTYLThese 3 best friends in high school who have known each other since 6th grade go through an adventure with their lives. When one of them has to move, their whole world falls apart! They go through all kinds of things. I would tell you more but I don’t want to tell the best part!  I think this was the best drama book ever, it is now my favorite book!  [uniheartsbelike]

The Popularity Papers

Popularity PapersA girl named Julie wants to be popular, but her friend was trying to tell her that being popular is not really good because you’re just acting like someone else.  Just be yourself!  Julie learns her lesson – she gets sad and listens to her friend.  My favorite character is Julie because her friend Melody was telling her right, just be yourself and don’t embarrass yourself.  Also, be a leader and not a follower.  [be your self]

How To Rock Braces and Glasses

How To Rock Braces and GlassesSuper popular Kacey Simon is at the top of the food chain in high school, friends with the prettiest girls and with her very own show on the morning news, giving “advice” to those who need it. She tells the cold, hard truth, and no one really likes her for it, as she has never learned to hold her tongue. Everything changes when she gets braces and (temporary) glasses. She goes straight down to the bottom of the food chain, and her so-called “friends” want revenge.

I really enjoyed this book because it was from the point of view of a stereotypical mean girl. This really provided a new way to look at the story as she tries to get back to the top.  [Bill Cipher /?]

Stuck in the Middle

Stuck in the MiddleThis book has seventeen comics from seventeen different authors. It’s all about being in middle school, making friends, and being the new kid.  It’s a good graphic novel because it has a whole bunch of short stories in it. My favorite story is “Never Go Home” because it’s about a boy who runs away and meets a girl. The girl makes him want to go home. I love this book, it’s awesome.  [pixiestix123]

Page by Paige

Page by PaigePaige Turner (yes, that’s her name – her parents are writers) has just moved to Manhattan with her parents and cat, Harvey. She used to live in the country, and is now far away from all of her friends, the only people which she could be herself around.

This book is by far one of my favorite graphic novels. The characters are easy to relate to, especially Paige, with whom I share some similar qualities: I have a hard time coming out of my shell as well, and I love to draw.  [Bill Cipher /?]

Heaven Looks a Lot Like the Mall

Heaven Looks a Lot Like the MallThis teenage girl named Tessa gets hit in the head playing dodgeball (in school). She hits the gym floor hard and the last thing she remembers is the janitor cleaning her blood off the gym floor. Now she is soaring in heaven, or what she thinks is heaven, because it looks like the mall her parents work at. She takes a nap on the bench near the Cinnabon and she is at the hospital.   So a boy with a Drill bit in his head pulls on her oxygen cord so now she is reliving all things importing in her life.

This is one of these books that if you skip ahead, you won’t know what happened. It’s a great book, I love the way the author wrote it.  [beviediva]

Define “Normal”

Define This story is about a girl named Antonia who signed up for a peer counseling session, so she can have something good to be able to go to college. Jazz, the student she is counseling, is a punker. At first Antonia wouldn’t deal with it, but she needs it. Both Antonia and Jazz have problems at home. When they learn to like each other they realize they have things in common. Will they make it through the counseling session?

My favorite character is Jazz because I can relate to her. She could play the piano very well, but didn’t want to tell her friends because she was afraid of what they would think. When they found out, they accepted her for who she is. I can write stories really well, but I was afraid to tell my friends – but eventually I told them and they accepted me for who I am. Jazz is called different to people because she doesn’t dress like you would or do what you do, but nobody is normal. We are all unique in our own way.  [Vampire_Lover<3]

Access Denied

Access DeniedIf you have ever been embarrassed or liked someone that doesn’t like you back, this is the perfect story to read. Erin is a girl who has a very protective mother and father. To Erin she thinks her parents treat her like a baby – until she breaks one of her parents’ rules and goes to a party. Worst night of her life. Erin gets picked on at times but gets advice from one of her favorite teachers.

My favorite part of the story is the resolution. I like it when stories have happy endings. Erin and the boy of her dreams are finally together. They had to go through some pretty tough times to realize how much they really liked each other.  [Mr. Top_Of_The_Line21]

Will Work for Prom Dress

Will Work for Prom DressQuigley needs a prom dress, needs to find a job, and most importantly, needs a prom date! How hard could that be? Well, she just lost hr job, doesn’t have enough money for a dress, and definitely cannot find a date. Then things start to look up! Anne, her BFF, finds them a new modeling job and she meets Zander. Is he a possible future date? Will Quigley get her dress and a dream date to the prom? Or will something or someone ruin it for her?

I really loved this book! It was a realistic story, one that  relates to middle school girls. I would definitely recommend this book to read. It’s the perfect mix of realistic fiction, with just the right touch of humor, sadness, and romance  [dizdiv]


HootThe main character’s name is Roy. He lives in Florida and is bullied by someone named Dana. One day on the bus, Roy spots a kid who is running. There is something very unusual about him. After a few days of watching the “running boy,” he gets to meet him. Later, they become good friends and suspect something strange about the holes in the ground. Who or what is making the holes? You will be surprised!

This book has a lot of good details. As you read, it is easy to picture in your mind and figure out what is happening at different times during the story. Some parts of the story make you want to see what is going to happen next and you can’t stop until you find out.  [XXX]

The Way It Works

The Way It WorksEverything was going just right for Walter Davis until he found out that his mom had lung cancer. She dies and he ends up homeless. He meets a girl that he really likes, but he messes that up. Eventually he gets involved in a business, but it turns out to be a Ponzi scam. He feels like the world might end! Do things get better for Walter?

I really liked this book. It tells you not to take anything for granted and not to judge someone by how they look. I did not want to put it down, it’s just so good!  [fortune cookie]

Middle School Is Worse Than Meatloaf

Middle School Is Worse Than MeatloafGinny, a girl who is starting school, makes all these different kinds of lists for the new school year. She makes a new friend named Becky Soo. She tries to get back together with her old friend, Mary Catherine Kelly, but fails. She tries her best to make her year fun, but it seems just the opposite happens. Her dad is dead, she didn’t get the part in the “Sugarplum Fairy” that she wanted, and she broke her wrist. In fact, she had a pretty rough year even though she kept strong and stayed healthy.

I thought the title was a little strange at first, but when you finish it you’ll finally understand the meaning of the title. It was a bit sad in the middle of the book. I do recommend it.  [carebare 443]


The BystanderEric Hayes has just moved to Bellport Long Island. He meets and becomes friends with Griffin, the school bully. He witnesses bullying. Eric sees Griffin helping older people, but then Griffin turns around and steals from them. Eric also notices that Griffin and his friends bully a kid. What does Eric do? Does he just stand by or does he have a way to stop the bullying?  This was a good book. It really made me think and it will do the same for you. I suggest you read it!  [???]

The Princess and the Pauper

The Princess and the PauperCarina is a real princess, but she doesn’t want to be. She just wants to be a normal teenager and be free. While she is on a trip, she wants to meet up with her online friend Ribbit. To get away from “Kiljoy,” she ends up switching places and identities with a girl named Julia.  I liked this book because it was pretty interesting. Most teenage girls, whether or not they are a princess, can relate to this kind of situation. It’s kind of interesting to see the ending, since the two girls had switched lives and identities. [X]

Alice in Time

Alice in TimeTrisha is having a wedding. Alice can’t go because of her brother. She gets knocked out and is now seven years old again. How did all of this happen – and will she recover?

My favorite character was Alice. My favorite scene was the wedding. The overall tone of the book is happiness. If readers like to control the future and the past, then this book is for you. It will keep your interest. I was surprised when Gran tried to kiss Alice.  [moviestar 221]

So, So Hood

So, So HoodLife is just so hard for Jayd Jackson right now. First of all, her cheating boyfriend, Jeremy, got caught kissing another girl. And now her girlfriend’s man is hot on her trail, now that he is out of prison. How can things get any worse? They do!

I loved this book because I felt a lot for Jayd and her never-ending life of drama. She definitely had a lot of drama, but the author kept it 100% real, no matter what. For me, the best part of the book was when Jayd was arguing with Rah. If you like drama, voodoo and romance, pick up this book and read about Queen Jayd Jackson!  Book 14 of the Drama High series.  [I Luv Queen]

Zits Supersized

Zits SupersizedFifteen-year-old Jeremy Duncan goes through anything but a normal life. His life is filled with evil teachers, digging ditches, and embarrassing parents. This book kept me cracking up to the very end. It was  hysterical! When I was done reading it, I still couldn’t put it down. If you are looking for a good laugh, I guarantee that you will find more than a few in this book.  [park avenue]

Keeping the Moon

Keeping the MoonEnter Collie (Nicole) Sparks. She has just lost 45 and a half pounds, thanks to her mom being Kiki Sparks, founder of a new weight-loss product known worldwide. She’s being sent to her eccentric Aunt Mira while her mom is touring Europe. Collie really doesn’t want to spend another summer being teased about her reputation, being called “Hole in One.” But Colby, North Carolina turns out to be a pleasant surprise! She finds real friends and actually starts having fun – until a former bully, Caroline Dawes, ends up in Colby too. Will she ruin it for Collie?

I really liked this book! I would definitely recommend it to a friend. I was just a little confused in the beginning because the author didn’t give a clear background about Collie. I didn’t know about her reputation until halfway through the book, when Caroline Dawes came to visit. But overall it was a really great book.  [dizidiv]


ParadiseThis story is about a girl named Paisley Tilery who lives in Texas. Paisley has had a dream ever since she was a little girl – to go to Texapoolaza, where you perform your talent in front of a big audience. Paisley is a drummer in a band. Mrs. Tilery is very protective over Paisley and her sister Lacey. All their mom wants for them is to have the best education. They don’t think that. Both Lacey and Paisley have to hide what they want to do because they’re afraid their mom won’t approve. Already Paisley has to hide to her mom that she’s a drummer. Lacey has to hide that she wants to go to cosmetology school. Her mom wants her to be a singer. Paisley’s life changes when they get a new lead singer for the band.

My favorite character from the story is the dad. He was very understanding even though he knew about Paisley and the band. Mr. Tilery would cover for Paisley whenever she was late coming home from her band practicing. Mrs. Tilery was the only person who didn’t know about Paisley being a drum player. Mr. Tilery was the type of person who would let his daughters tell the truth to their mother. That’s what Paisley and Lacey had to do.  [Unicorn123]


VibesKristi can read minds.  She has a semi-crush on her ex-boyfriend’s brother Gusty.  Then a new kid comes, Mallory, who ends up liking her.  But then her dad comes back … with another woman.  Her mom gets promoted and wants to “share some time” with her.  Not to make things worse, it turns out Gusty does like her, but so does Mallory.  Choose now before somebody gets hurt.

I loved this book!  I clearly understood this character’s feelings.  I liked how she described her problems and “solved” them, even the part when she plays those jokes on innocent people.  But I didn’t like the part when she “cheats” on Mallory and hurts people other than herself.  [Fiddlesticks2000]

The Outsiders

The OutsidersThis book is about a fourteen-year-old boy living in a scary world. Almost everything is scary – girls, the Socs, basically the whole world! His only protection is his gang, the Greasers. Life is tough for him, especially with his name, Ponyboy Curtis. He learns to accept more things while going through many hardships, including the Greasers’ most hated gang, the Socs.

This was a great book. Everything was worded perfectly and it flowed perfectly which made it easy to read. I would recommend this book to anyone ten years and up. This would even be a great book for adults to read.  [ND]