ErebosTeenager Nick notices that a disc has been passed around the school. He thinks it’s a music CD, but once he gets a hold of it, he finds that it’s a MMORPG (Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game) which the “Messager” runs. Nick thinks it’s an awesome game, but there are rules that if you break, your character won’t be the only one in danger.

1. ALWAYS play alone
2. NEVER talk about the game
3. NEVER tell your nickname
4. ALWAYS follow the Messager’s direction

And one more thing: To level up, you need to do quests. REALITY quests. In return, the game levels you up, and gives you what you want in real life.  It’s a game, it watches you …

Nick is my favorite character. Smart and resourceful, he gets the job done, but sadly, he breaks the rules of the game, and mysteriously can never play it again …  [JoelFromTheLastOfUs]

The Fire Within

Twenty-year-old David Rain has just become a Elizabeth Pennykettle’s (and her 11-year-old daughter’s) new tenant. But not everything is exactly as it seems in the Pennykettle household. They have a cat. That’s not very strange, is it? What’s really strange about the Pennykettles are the DRAGONS. Tons of them, everywhere. Sometimes they seem to flit around by themselves. But is that just David’s imagination, or is it real???

This is the first book of one my favorite series of all times: The Last Dragon Chronicles. My favorite character is probably Gadzooks throughout the entire series (and all the other dragons, but you don’t really find out much about them until the second book, I think), but I won’t say why, because that would ruin it. In this book, though, I’d say my favorite character would probably be Lucy, always on an adventure to save a squirrel, dragging David along.  [pinktlrb]

Along for the Ride

Auden’s life has always been structured and educational – or in other words, a huge bore. She gets the best grades, studies constantly, gets treated like an adult, and basically ignores the fact that she has a peppy and pregnant new stepmom who lives at the beach with her writer dad. That is, until she gets an email with one too many exclamation marks from her stepmom, Heidi, asking her to stay for the summer in the wonderful town of Colby. Although she doesn’t know if she really wants to, in order to have an okay summer before college, Auden goes, leaving her brilliant mom alone. Since she isn’t very good at being the new girl, Auden manages to kiss the playboy of Colby, Jake, meet his recently ex-girlfriend the next day, and get a job at the same place as the ex-girlfriend and her friends – Heidi’s boutique. Over the summer, though, Auden learns how to be friends with the girls at the boutique, and she also forms a strange friendship with a fellow insomniac, Eli, Jake’s older brother. By that time she is starting to enjoy Colby and her brand new sister Thisbe. But will things start to get rough when Auden sees her old classmate Jason again? And what will happen when Auden is forced by Eli, who is starting to become more than a friend, to face her toughest challenge yet … learning how to ride a bike?

I loved this book – it was my favorite of all the Sarah Dessen books. This book includes details from The Truth About Forever, Lock and Key, and Keeping the Moon, and I really liked how Sarah Dessen did that. My favorite character was Auden because she was smart and eventually learned how to have fun. I absolutely hated Jason because he was just a school-obsessed jerk in The Truth About Forever, and he was a work-obsessed evil person in this book. If you like romance books, especially any Sarah Dessen books and The Summer I Turned Pretty, you should definitely read this one.  [trh99]

City of Bones

City of BonesThis book is about a girl named Clary who has a mom, her mom’s best friend Luke, and a best friend named Simon. She thinks that she has a normal life … until she finds out that her dad Valentine, who’s supposedly dead, is alive first of all, but is also evil and wants to turn everyone into a Shadowhunter and his slave. A Shadowhunter is basically a demon hunter who uses marks to give them certain powers. So Clary one day meets some Shadowhunters named Jace, Isabelle, and Alec. When they find out that Clary’s mom was once a Shadowhunter, they take her in and she secretly vists them for a while, learning about Shadowhunters and trying to figure out where her dad is hiding. On this journey she finds out that she loves Jace and Jace loves her. They will do everything in their power to keep it that way.

I absolutely loved this book!  Once I picked it up, I couldn’t put it down.  I would recommend this book to everyone!  It has all sorts of things like action, drama, romance, and a little bit of violence.  If you do read it, the next ones in the series are City of Ashes, City of Glass, and City of Fallen Angels.  Book 1 of The Mortal Instruments.  [KATNISS 21]

The Poisoned House

The Poisoned HouseYou won’t get scolded. You won’t get a beating. Death seems like a reasonable choice in Greaver Hall. A lot of it has been going on there. Fourteen-year-old Abi suffers a day-to-day basis of work and boredom. The housekeeper, Mrs. Lillian Cotton, is strict and uptight, so why not have a little fun? Maybe trick her into thinking her dead sister’s ghost is haunting her. But when the prank goes too far, a different spirit visits the house – one with no good intention.

This book was amazing, great, spectacular! I loved it so much, and the ending, oh the ending! It was shocking, a major twist. Like a giant crescendo in a great musical piece, it ended with a big bang. I highly recommend this book. The writing style and words make it seem like the reader is in the late 1800s. I loved it, so should you!

Th1rteen R3asons Why

What if you came to school one day and someone was missing? Someone you cared about, like your friend, crush, or student? And what if they never came back? That is just what happened to Clay Jensen. His long time crush, Hannah Baker, killed herself, but that wasn’t the end of her. She left behind thirteen tapes, reasons why she killed herself. Everyone who contributed to her decision got a tape, explaining how they helped. So when Clay receives the tapes on his doorstep, he is baffled. But the rules of the tapes say you must listen to all of them, so that is what he does. He hears each and every story and visits the places on the map she left as he tries to figure out what he did. He wanted to be someone Hannah could trust with her problems, not be a problem himself. By the time he reaches his own tape he despises pretty much everyone else, and he isn’t sure if he will be any different. He didn’t do anything, right? Maybe that was the worst thing he could have done.

I loved this book even more than usual! Although it was sad, it seemed like it could happen to anybody. I didn’t particularly like any characters, because they all helped end Hannah’s life in one way or another, but I didn’t like Clay the least. My favorite scene was when Clay listened to this tape, because it was very bittersweet. Boys and girls would like this book, and it was VERY suspenseful! It reminded me of the song “How to Save a Life” by The Fray.  [trh99]

My Sister’s Keeper

mysisterskeeper_110Imagine if you just found out that you’re only alive so you can give spare parts to your sister, who is dying of cancer. That you were actually made in a test tube, and that you were genetically engineered to fit your sister’s chromosomes. And you were only 13. Well, Anna Fitzgerald is in the same position, yet she has known for years. She has to donate white blood cells, bone marrow, blood, and a whole bunch more to her sister, Kate, who is slowly dying of leukemia. After a while she gets sick of it – so Anna files for medical emancipation. But what is her real reason? Is it just because she doesn’t want to have only one kidney, or is it something else?

I honestly loved the way that Jodi Picoult wrote this book. It switches characters’ points of view with each chapter, so you get the history and thoughts of everyone (well, almost everyone). At the end your mouth will be hanging open. I loved the part when Kate was a toddler, and it was from her mom’s point of view when they first found out that she had cancer. I loved this book, and I’m sure you will too.  [That Girl]