The Fight

Drama High: The FightThis book is about a girl named Nikki who signs up for her school talent show with her BFFs Chloe and Zoey, and then she quits after she getting caught by her enemy Mackenzie when she was with her sister Brianna. So Mackenzie threatens Nikki and forces her to quit, and then her friends Chloe and Zoey get on to Mackenzie’s talent team.  Nikki finally joins again by putting up signs and making a band, but she [not giving away the ending].

I LOVE this book so much!  Read this book to see who wins the talent show!!  This whole book will keep you laughing, excited, but more importantly interested in the books and illustrations.  Book 1 of the Drama High series.  [cupcake1]


SnitchThis is about two important characters and their lives. One character who is a girl doesn’t like gangs, but that’s what her whole school has. Her father is either at work or at his girlfriend’s house. So she is an independent girl. On the other hand another character who is a boy is new to school. His personality, well is … different. Somehow they meet and they start having feelings about each other. Then something happens and changes both of their lives.

The scene that got me interested the most was when she was at her locker and her supposed-to-be good friend fights her. I thought at that point that Maggie wasn’t her friend all along. Maggie was just being her friend until she did something that she didn’t like. You always have to watch who’s your and friend and who’s not.  [Top_Of_The_Line21]


Drama High: FrenemiesNow that Nellie has won the crown for queen she’s been acting funny towards Mickey and Jayd. Every time Jayd texts her or tries to call her, she ignores her. Plus she’s hanging out with Jayd’s boyfriend’s ex. So Jayd lets it go, but for just a little bit because she has problems of her own. Jeremy is having secret talks with his ex, Tania, and thinks Jayd doesn’t know about it. Plus Jayd has to deal with Mickey and Nellie’s arguing and fighting. Plus Jayd’s ex-boyfriend wants her back. Rah. Jayd has way too much drama and doesn’t have a way to deal with it.

The scene that I did not like the best is when Mickey and Nellie began fighting. Mickey threw lemonade in Nellie’s face and slapped her down to the ground. Jayd is stuck in the middle of them both and doesn’t know what to do. I think that it shouldn’t have gotten that far, especially since Mickey and Nellie have been friends since kindergarten.  Book 4 of the Drama High series.  [Unicorn 123]

So, So Hood

So, So HoodLife is just so hard for Jayd Jackson right now. First of all, her cheating boyfriend, Jeremy, got caught kissing another girl. And now her girlfriend’s man is hot on her trail, now that he is out of prison. How can things get any worse? They do!

I loved this book because I felt a lot for Jayd and her never-ending life of drama. She definitely had a lot of drama, but the author kept it 100% real, no matter what. For me, the best part of the book was when Jayd was arguing with Rah. If you like drama, voodoo and romance, pick up this book and read about Queen Jayd Jackson!  Book 14 of the Drama High series.  [I Luv Queen]

Pick-Up Game: A Full Day of Full Court

Pick-up Game: A Full Day of Full CourtCaesar,Waco, ESPN, Nique, and Shane play basketball at the West 4th Street court known as “The Cage” in New York City. Some TV people come and they get into a debate about who gets to use the court. They play against each other to see who gets it.  My favorite character is Waco because he is quiet, but interesting. I liked it when Caesar got mad at Waco and punched and slapped him in the face.   [KJ]

November Blues

November BluesA fifteen-year-old girl gets pregnant. Then her boyfriend (the baby’s daddy) dies. She goes to a football game and goes into labor. The baby is born two months early, but lives. Josh, the baby’s daddy, and his cousin were performing deeds to become part of a fraternity. They had to jump out of a window into a pit of mattresses. Josh missed the mattresses.

I was surprised that the girl went into labor two months early. I didn’t expect it at all. The readers that would like this book have to like drama – there is plenty of it! If you don’t like drama, don’t bother to read it.  [Fuzzy Puppy]

Second Chance

Drama High: Second ChanceThis is about a girl named Jayd who finds her true love. His name is Jeremy and he’s white. Jayd is black. She used to date a black guy, but she broke up with him because her best friend (or so she thought) started to date him. Jayd is over him now  and has a big crush on Jeremy. So far, he is charming her. They have a lot in common. They like to hang out and chill. They always pass notes to each other during class. Jayd knows what is expected from her mother, who tells the truth even if it hurts. She does her best with Jayd.

My favorite character is Jayd. She knows when the time is right. To me, she keeps it real all the way. She really takes her time when she does her hair. It probably takes her two or three hours. She always has a mother to support her no matter what, just like me.  Book 2 of the Drama High series.  [unicorn 123]

Blood Is Thicker

Blood Is ThickerTakell has to move because his father lost his job. He moves to his uncle’s house. Takell’s cousin keeps fighting with him. They realize that they each have special talents. They also realize that blood is thicker.

I thought it was a great book because it showed how family does matter. It kept me reading. I never wanted to stop. This book is great for kids with family problems. The tone of the story is depressing.  [Grouch]

A Boy Called Twister

A Boy Called TwisterKevin Walker is an orphan from Spurville, Texas. His mom died from cancer a few months before. His dad died in prison for 2nd degree murder. So, Kevin went to a school in California. He gets bullied again. The only way for Kevin to feel calm was to run like a twister.

I thought it was a great book! It was a story of someone surviving hardships in school, at home, and in his personal life. Anyone can read this book.  [Guesswho]

Yummy: The Last Days of a Southside Shorty

Yummy: The Last Days of a Southside ShortyThere is a boy named Robert and his nickname is Yummy. He  joins a gang with the initials BDN. The leader gives Robert a gun. He accidentally kills a girl. Robert is on the run from the cops. The gang members move him from house to house. His gang becomes tired of moving him, so they take him into an alley. Do they kill him?

This is a very good book. It teaches you a lesson.  [I Love Ravens]

No Way Out

A young boy’s grandmother gets hurt and then has to go to the hospital. The bills are very high and the boy has to find the money to pay them. To get the money, he turns to a local drug dealer and things start go from bad to worse for him.  I liked this book and how it unfolded. It really gave you an idea of how things can change at any minute. Never turn to drugs for money.  [TH-H]

Finding My Place

The main character in the book is a girl named Tiphanie. Everybody says her name wrong. Her dad and mom move because they want Tiphanie to have a better educational experience.  I really liked the book because it explains what really happens when you switch to a new school. There were also some funny parts in the story, like on her first day of school. She got bumped into, called names, and talked about because she was African American and new.  [I Love JS!]

Chess Rumble

chessrumbleMarcus wanted his dad to play chess with him, and his dad kept on telling him it was a man’s game, are you ready?  His sister died and his dad left, and Marcus became the man of the house.  Then he got in a lot of fights.  He got beat up one day and his mom was going to yell at him when he got in the house.  Then all his mom could do was to walk up and hold him.  But Marcus and his mom got into a fight, and then he almost hit her.  A guy at his school taught him a lesson and he never got in fights again.

I liked this book because it could help kids know how to treat people.  [zaire]

Walter Dean Myers: Writer for Real Teens

Walter Dean Myers: Writer for Real TeensWalter Dean Myers talked about how life was hard and things were good in the old days.  He talked about his time in the military as a radio repairman.  He talked about how he wrote books like Slam and and how he played basketball in his down time.

I thought this book was okay.  It started out boring, like when he was in school and gets suspended.  Eventually, it was more interesting when he talked about how he wrote books and played basketball.  [master37400]

Romiette and Julio

romietteandjulio_1101An African American and a Hispanic get together by meeting in an online chat, and realize they go to the same school.  They fall for each other at first sight, but the hate-filled students of the school disagree with their relationship.  From gang threats they begin to be afraid.  Then they come up with a plan to bust the “family,” the gang at their school.  But not everything goes as planned, and they end up being kidnapped by the gang, finding themselves in the of a huge lake, facing Romiette’s biggest fear — drowning. Continue reading