LeviathanIt’s World War I, and Europe has been divided into Clankers and Darwinists. Clankers rely on steam powered airships, while Darwinists create airships out of  fabricated animals. The story switches between Aleksandar Ferdinand and Deryn Sharp. Aleksandar is the prince of the Austrian-Hungarian Empire. However, he is thrown aboard a machine in the middle of the night and told to run. After his parents’ death, his own people want nothing more than his death. In comparison, Deryn Sharp is living the life of an airman in training aboard the Leviathan. Well, she isn’t exactly an airman. Deryn is a commoner in disguise, preferring the risks of the air instead of the safety of the ground. When the two meet, chaos ensues and war looms closer.

I have to say that I really loved this book. I’ve only read a little bit of sci-fi up to this point, but this was good enough to make me want to get the sequel. The points of view switch seamlessly. The author has such a good tone. He really makes you feel like you’re in the story. Get this book! But not the sequel … that’s mine!  Book One of the Leviathan Trilogy.  [Wild Pancake]

Daughter of Xanadu

Daughter of XanaduThink Mulan.  Emmajin, granddaughter of the great Genghis Khan, can out-fight her brothers.  More than anything she wants to join the army, but it’s forbidden for women.  The Khan gives her a more important assignment – to gather information from Marco Polo, a merchant from Italy, so the Mongols can learn what they need to know to conquer Europe.  But Marco Polo is a handsome sweet talker, and things get steamy!  Can Emmajin betray the man she’s falling in love with?  Can she betray her Khan?

I read this book because the Mongols were a fierce war machine, and I wanted lots of action.  Yes, there’s blood and body parts … but I didn’t expect Emmajin to spend so much time wondering how it would feel to stroke her fingers across Marco’s hairy chest.  Bleuch, too much for me, you might like it if you’re into that sort of thing.  At least the war scene near the end in was intense.  Emmajin is vicious!  [Free Pizza]

World War II

Eyewitness World War IIIn this book one can learn everything about World War II. It tells about the Manhattan Project (a.k.a. the making of the atomic bomb) to the German Panzers.  I thought it was a good review of World War II. It talked all about the basics of the war in detail. It also had really cool pictures of weapons and other things used in the war. You should definitely check out this book if you want to know more about WWII.  [Changes are great]

Fallen Angels

Fallen AngelsA guy named Perry goes to the Vietnam War. He meets a guy named Peewee and they become great friends. Perry gets two Purple Hearts. Will he get any more, or will he die?

This book has greatly detailed descriptions of certain events and happenings, some of which are awesome, scary, or inhuman. The overall mood of the story was scary and suspenseful. One bad thing is that some of the events in the story were tedious and especially repetitive.  [screen name 17]