Last of the Mohicans

lastofthemohicans_110This story takes place in North America during the French and Indian War and follows the journey of a scout named Hawkeye and the daughters of General Munro, Cora and Alice. Hawkeye is traveling with a party of two Native Americans, Chingachgook and his son Uncas. They are the last surviving members of the Mohican tribe. Their lives are put in even more danger when Cora and Alice are kidnapped by the deceiving Huron, Magua. It’s now up to Hawkeye and his allies to save the two before it’s too late.

Awesome! Although this book was written over a hundred years ago, it is definitely a book that I couldn’t put down. A few words and phrases made it a bit difficult to understand, but the reader will get used to it. The plot was in such an unusual setting too; it just really interested me. The pictures in the book were so colorful and vivid. It gives the reader a clear picture of the setting. For those who love great adventures and heroes, this book is for you!  [Wild Pancake]