The Ear, the Eye, and the Arm book is about three children living in the year 2194. Their father is the chief of security in the country of Zimbabwe. He’s extremely paranoid about the children getting hurt. One day while looking for adventure, the kids escape from their father’s house. The chief and his wife are distraught and scared, so they call three detectives to find their children. The detectives are mutants with hyper-powerful senses. The kids are passed from criminal to criminal. Will they be found?

I thought this was an awesome book! I especially liked the detectives. They were so cool.  [detective II]

The Sea of Trolls

The Sea of TrollsJack is an average eleven-year-old boy in A.D. 793. That all changes when he and his sister are kidnapped and enslaved by the Berserkers.  This book was great! It started out fairly slow. You would never expect the twist that is thrown in at the end of the story. I won’t spoil it! I was completely caught off guard. This book is a must read for everyone.  [X]

The House of the Scorpion

The House of the ScorpionThe life of a boy. Yes, we’ve all heard it. He grows up, lives a tale of adventure, and falls in love. But this one’s different. Matt, the main character of this book, is a clone. He lives in the nation of Opium, the drug land between Mexico and America. He was born inside a cow, so he doesn’t have a real mom. He lives with Celia in a little shack on a manor run by El Patron, the drug lord who’s over 140 years old. Matt has to be hidden from all the other people living on the manor because they might take him and lock him up for being a clone. According to the law, a clone’s mind has to be destroyed when it is born, but since El Patron is so powerful, he could break the law. That’s how Matt came along.

Matt eventually falls in love with Maria, the girl he has known since he was six. She helped him live a normal life and sometimes even forget that he is a clone. He knows that he couldn’t live without her, so they decide to escape together. They manage to escape out of a tunnel but get caught.  Matt realizes why El Patron has kept him all these years – he needs his heart. A newborn’s heart isn’t strong enough, and a brain-dead clone couldn’t live a few days. Matt decides to try and escape across the border, but what is there is even worse.

I loved this book, front to back. The characters all have distinct personalities, and the action leaves you at the edge of your seat. I think that anyone would look this book, and you should read this now!  [That Girl]