Football Hero

Football HeroA boy named Ty who basically gets recruited by the spring football coach. Ty wants to be like his older brother who is a famous football player. When Ty asks his uncle if he can play, Uncle Gus tells him, “No!” Then Lucy starts asking about Thane, the older brother. Read this book to find out why Ty has to save them.  The Football Hero was very entertaining, I highly recommend it. Of course it’s about sports.  [EERR]

Football Genius

Football GeniusTroy White is an amazing football player. He also has a special ability to read defenses. Unfortunately, Jamie Renfro’s dad is the coach of his football team. That means Jamie gets to be the first string quarterback. When Troy loses a bet to Jamie, he needs to find a Falcon’s football. Troy and his friends steal a football from the Falcon’s middle linebacker. That is when the trouble begins.

I liked this book because Troy has to keep on trying to get what he wanted. Also, it shows good teamwork between Tate, Nathan, Troy, and Seth to get the Falcons back on track. This book is very good. I highly suggest that you read it!  [AGA]